What was the idea behind Swachchbox? What was the need to bring this during a period like lockdown?
Swachhbox is a UV-C disinfection box that sanitizes daily use items in less than ten minutes. Swachhbox is also CE and CSIR certified. The pandemic made all the three of us anxious and scared about the future. Sriram, a business owner, was concerned about his future. Mercy’s future seemed bleak with her radio station letting go of most of their employees. Shyam had come down from Mumbai and didn’t know what to do after he got stuck here. We felt a sense of uneasiness, and anxiety. We saw that people around us were suffering. We were really concerned for our family. When we watched the news, it scared us, which is when we realised that at a time of crisis, it’s important to take things in your own hands and find a solution for your family. The concept of being atmanirbhar is something that we realised then. Sriram started doing his research about technology that could be useful during a pandemic like this. He experimented with UVC technology, did his research and created a prototype. Shyam gave the name Swachhbox. Mercy came on board to help with scaling up the idea. After a lot of calls, fights, arguments and skepticism… Swachhbox
was born.

Are the services restricted to Chennai?
Not at all! It’s Pan India and we are soon going to be shipping overseas as well.

You’re a team of very diverse people — how did the synergy happen?
Our core team comprises Sriram Santhanam, who has expertise in manufacturing and B2B Sales. Mercy John who is a renowned media professional with expertise in marketing and Shyam Renganathan who specializes in brand development. Apart from this a close knit gang of friends have been super kind to do us favors in setting up Swachhbox.

What are the future plans for the brand?
Swachhbox is going to venture into various health care related tech products which will play a key role in transportation of vaccines across the globe.