The most anticipated event on Mumbai’s social calendar is here! The Ladies’ Wing of IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry is delighted to announce the 36th edition of its renowned Women Entrepreneurs’ Exhibition. For over five decades, the IMC Ladies’ Wing has been a champion of women empowerment, fostering entrepreneurship, and promoting economic growth through its innovative initiatives. In its latest edition, this popular event promises a showcase of exceptional creativity, talent, and innovation, bringing together women entrepreneurs who do not have a retail presence. Discerning shoppers can expect an exceptional array of meticulously curated offerings spanning fashion, jewellery, lifestyle, accessories and more. Elevating its allure is a special culinary section, where the finest home chefs in the country will present delectable gastronomic delights adding exquisite flavour to the event.

“The 36th Women Entrepreneurs’ Exhibition is a testament to the unwavering commitment of the IMC Ladies’ Wing towards fostering women’s entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic independence. This celebration is an embodiment of the spirit of women who have turned their dreams into reality and continue to inspire others to do the same. My theme for the year – We Rise by lifting others resonates with the significance of women advancing collectively, embracing their shared cultural heritage, and propelling mutual growth and empowerment. It serves as a tribute to women’s inherent strength and resilience, a testament to our journey of collective ascent, and a reminder of the pivotal role of support and encouragement in reaching greater pinnacles.” says Amrita Somaiya – President of the IMC Ladies’ Wing.

“270 women entrepreneurs from every imaginable industry will come together to showcase their creativity, talent, and innovation with an exhibit of their exceptional products and services. This landmark event brings together entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts and enthusiasts fostering invaluable opportunities for collaboration and growth. The exhibition will also feature inspiring stories of successful women entrepreneurs who have overcome obstacles and achieved remarkable success thereby motivating the next generation of aspiring businesswomen.”, says Ishita Jain – Chairperson, WE Exhibition 2023 Committee.

Under the leadership of Amrita Somaiya (President), the event is helmed by Ishita Jain (Chairperson, Exhibition Committee), and Ms. Nisha Shah (Co-Chairperson, Exhibition Committee).

Designed to be a destination of choice for those seeking the extraordinary, this exhibition will be held at Pavilion 1 of the Jio World Convention Centre, BKC, Mumbai, on September 10-11, 2023. Witness the power and creativity of women entrepreneurs as these ladies come together to celebrate 36 glorious years of empowerment and achievement.