Delicacies made with local, seasonal produce using traditional immunity boosting ingredients. ITC Hotels has launched an innovative and mindfully curated Feel-Good Menu focussed on responsible sourcing and rich in goodness. Designed to highlight their Vocal for Local initiative, the menu offers flavourful recipes that have been caringly selected and mindfully prepared. It further enhances ITC Hotels’ Responsible Luxury philosophy and pledges to strengthen local produce and “Made in India” artisanal products. This initiative supports local farmers, and producers, reduces environmental impact and helps minimise carbon footprint.

The new Feel-Good Menu available as a part of our Gourmet Couch Menu is a natural progression for ITC Hotels that abides by its decade strong philosophy of ‘Responsible Luxury’. ITC Hotels have pioneered several cuisine experiences in the industry. The commitment to local and seasonal ingredients has continued for decades and found more relevance in the circumstances today. From the healthy grains and flaxseeds, amaranth and chia muffins and croissants, to integrating the ancient goodness much deeper, the Feel Good menu lays emphasis on ancient practice of slow cooking using local and seasonal ingredients. Slowly but steadily, guests are realising that immunity must be a way of life and hence the awareness to incorporate well-being ingredients in their diets. The Feel-Good Menu is healthy, nutritious, and packed with flavours. The Chefs at ITC Hotels have strived to amalgamate the goodness of the ingredients in the main dish making it wholesome and tasty.

Manisha Bhasin, Corporate Executive Chef, ITC Hotels said, “The Feel Good Menu focusses on authenticity, responsible sourcing, health ingredients and craftsmanship. The dishes are made with forgotten grains and super foods using age old cooking methods in keeping with ITC Hotels ethos of Responsible Luxury. The Feel Good menu offers A la Carte Options as well as Combo meals”

Some of the ingredients used are fresh press mustard oil — rich in mono unsaturated and omega 3 fatty acids, jackfruit — known for its antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant qualities, raw turmeric, cardamom, leaves of the drumstick tree, sorghum, basil, barley, gooseberry, and mangoes, to name a few. These are rich in a variety of vitamins, magnesium, iron, act as antioxidants and help improve metabolism.

Immunity boosting preparations like Kachchi haldi ka pulao, Mulathi ki phirni, Murgh moringa made with the goodness of drumstick leaf, Amla ki launji made with Indian Gooseberries which are immunity boosting find a place in the Feel-Good menu. The menu features the use of freshest of spices by ensuring these are hand pounded to retain the essential oils.

Guests can place their orders on Zomato, Swiggy and EazyDiner between 11.30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 6.30 p.m. to 11.30 p.m. daily. The Feel Good menu may also be ordered via Gourmet Couch on the ITC Hotels F&B App, takeaway from the hotels or direct delivery by the hotels. Strict safety and sanitation “WeAssure” protocol is followed at every point to ensure safe, low contact and careful food delivery. The Packaging has been thoughtfully done and put together after thorough research on temperature, distance travelled, mode of transport, consumption techniques, re-heating norms, and more. The food is packed in environment-friendly corrugated paper boxes.