Staying indoors has gotten all of us to crave for travel. Getting local, shorter trips, closer destinations and smaller groups has now become the norm. With the pandemic now easing and countries including ours easing restrictions on travel, we must ensure we step out with caution, yet make the most out of the opportunity. Over the last 18 months, technology has evolved and so has the way we travel. We thus bring to you, travel essential gadgets you must have in your bags so there is no holding back in creating memories that last a life time!


UV Sterilization Stick Ultraviolet portable disinfectant wand:

The pandemic isn’t over yet and with the fear still looming large it is extremely important to disinfect surfaces around us. As important as your hand sanitizer, this UV light powered sterlization stick is god sent. You can use the wand to clean door knobs, sofa, beds, phones and other objects. The battery operated device is easy to carry and can also be carried in a bag if required. The UV disinfection rod promises to kill bacteria and viruses in 10 to 15 seconds. So, while staying at a hotel you can keep your bed and sheets clean with the help of this device.

Price: Rs: 1799- Available on leading e-commerce websites.



LG Tone Free HBS-FN6 True Wireless earbuds:

Travelling solo or with family, one often needs a device that keeps you away from the hustle of travelling in public spaces. There are multiple kids on the block that promise to be the best Earbuds, but do yours clean themselves? These pair of true wireless earbuds from LG comes with UVnano sanitizing technology which promises to kill 99.99% bacteria and keep the earbuds fresh and clean. This means that you need not bother about touching them with unwashed hands, as their UVnano charging case claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria while charging the earbuds. Among other features, LG Tone Free HBS-FN6 come with support for voice assistants from Google and Apple. The earbuds have IPX4 rating which makes them water-resistant. There are touch controls and promise up to 18 hours of battery backup on a single charge.

Price: Rs: 8,999 – Available on leading e-commerce websites.



GoPro Hero 9 Black

Your friends and family cannot always travel with you, and one way to share your adventures, whether they are for work or play, is with an action camera. The GoPro Hero9 Black was released in 2020 and is one of the best mobile cameras available today with a fairly reasonable price.
One feature that sets this GoPro apart from past models is the large front color display that is perfect for setting you up in the shot. It also supports an amazing array of still and video resolutions so you can capture the content you want in various levels of detail.

Price: Rs: 34,490 – Available on leading e-commerce websites.


Amazon Kindle


The Amazon Kindle has been dubbed as one of the best innovations of the 21st century. With the ability to hold millioons of books in its memory, the Kindle is your perfect travel companion. Be it on the beach or by the pool side, with IPX8 water-resistant features the kindle lets you enjoy your vacation by letting you read your favourite books quite easily. The ability to also let you access Audible to listen to audio books makes it even better!

Price: Starts at Rs: 6299 onwards.


The Pangolin Mask

Travelling out also means keeping yourself safe from infections and COVID. In times like these, a mask that keeps you safe from various infections is the most important part. There are obviously medical grade N95 masks that re the safest, however, while you are travelling, you wouldn’t want to contribute to the waste they create and disposing them safely is also a challenge. The all new Pangolin masks are 100% Cotton Super-comfortable & Breathable face masks. The pagolin masks come with valves that help you breathe easier. The mask features a Hemp-based filter. The masks as well as the filter layers are treated with HealthGuard Technology. The filter utilizes the protective qualities of Hemp that include its inherent moisture-wicking properties which keep sweat and humidity at bay.

Price: `2500 onwards.

– By Prateek Thakker