What is the story behind the name Pink Lotus?

Pink is a feminine colour and catchy one too. My name “Kamala” means flower in Tamil so my husband is the one who suggested we name this place something related to me (she smiles). Lotus generally is a symbol of peace, tranquillity and we thought this place has a lot of peace, hence the name.

What is Pink Lotus event studio all about?

Anybody can use Pink Lotus for hosting parties and events, conducting photo and video shoots, holding meetings, music gigs, promotions, pop up sales, exhibitions, small functions, live streaming, music performances, karaoke, cricket match viewing with friends and anything you would like to use the space for. Ideally, it’s a hangout place for around 50 to 70 people.

What is unique about Pink Lotus?

I love greenery so to go with the natural elements, we have brought in Chettinad architecture like the usage of Karaikudi thoon (pillar), Athangudi tiles, teak wood door which is 150 years old from our Nachandupatti village which add a rustic touch. We are Chettiars from the Chettinad belt. My house in my village is 175 years old. In order to save the traditional values of antique materials, we don’t allow people to nail or hammer inside Pink Lotus which may damage the beauty of the preserved architecture. Also, smoking is not allowed inside the hall. It’s in the heart of the city yet with all the greenery, peace and tranquillity around. So, one doesn’t have to travel to ECR for a place like this.

Who was your inspiration to start Pink Lotus?

Basically, I’m a Yoga enthusiast and for many years I wanted to start a Yoga studio and wanted to have discussions with my husband, but my husband was busy and travelling. Lockdown was the catalyst when we got time to sit-down, plan and execute my ideas with my husband. We came up with the idea in April 2020, executed in July and launched in November 2020. I liked the concept of musical gigs where youngsters come and chill over music. I love greenery and I feel the city is losing a lot of greenery, that’s why I didn’t make it like a closed rectangular hall. I wanted all the elements of nature in it. I’m taking over as the Inner Wheel district chairman next year. We can have small gatherings also. People feel positive and happy once they enter Pink Lotus. Almost every day we are having photoshoots here and even few celebrities love this place. Also, for yoga and meditation and a lot of birthday events, Upanayanam, kitty parties and pre-wedding events can take place here. Also, I’m a singer and passionate about music, so I thought of encouraging young talent by offering a space where they can let their creativity loose.

What’s your piece of advice for young women entrepreneurs?

Youngsters are bursting with creativity and with technology advancement they are doing great. They should unleash their creativity and be committed to their work. Women should not take a break from their career but they can reduce their workload if required. I have converted my passion into business too, so when people follow their passion and it materialises into a career, it can’t go wrong.

What are the future plans for Pink Lotus?

If this does well we may open many more centres across the city and since we also have other properties maybe we can look at converting them into Pink Lotus in the future.

Where: Pink Lotus, first floor, 17, Bharathi Nagar 2nd St, Bharathi Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Wallet Factor: Rs 1500 (including GST) per hour. Contact Kamala Selvam: 8939257777.

— By Vinitha Venkatesha