The Legend of Sindh is a sensory journey through the forgotten, contemporary recipes and a new age take on the cuisine from one of the largest provinces of undivided India.

Curated by none other than culinary professional Suresh Hinduja, the 10-day food festival at Limelight in Hotel Royal Orchid, promises to give a glimpse of the little-known style of cooking from the pre-partition days with some traditional recipes being showcased for the first time. Hinduja who has roots in the Shikarpur district near the banks of the Indus River has spent decades collecting this data from his elders and relatives across the world.

The Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian and Premium set menus use rare ingredients such as Lotus Root, Gucchi (Morel Mushrooms), Turnips and Amritsar Vadis to name a few. Signature dishes like naturally fermented wheat and millet tandoori rotis, Bajra Khichdi with Vadi crumble, Kutiyal Murgh, Chapli kababs, Gathadi (Potli) pickles, Thandai Mousse and Rose centered Gulab Jamuns are making a debut to diners in Bengaluru.

The festival also has three live stations serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian Tawa food (TakaTak) and a wood fire mutton curry station. Hinduja’s signature cocktail – Sheila Kijwani promises to tantalise with its sandalwood and jasmine notes.

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Timing: On till February 28th, Dinner on weekdays (Monday – Thursday) 7.30 PM to 11.30 PM

Lunch (12.30 PM to 3.00 PM) and Dinner (7.30 PM to 11.30 PM) on weekends (Friday – Sunday)