Actor Dipessh Kashyap has added another feather in his cap. After featuring in popular music video Baashinda, he has now made his debut as a singer in Vinod Bhanusali’s Tumhe… Khoke. The actor is also featuring in the music video alongside Ashi Singh and Mohak Manghnani. In the coming months, we will see more of Dipessh on the OTT platform with a few web series already in his kitty. Here’s a candid chat with the young talent.

What are the earliest memories you have when you first decided to sing?
During my school days, my mom used to prepare me for my school fest where I used to sing on stage and won many accolades. Mom used to train me and she used to decide the song. Singing has always been in my blood. So, the process had started from the initial stages of my life.

How did you decide you want to take up music as a profession?
When I met Kumaar paaji (renowned Bollywood lyricist Kumaar) I started being part of music sittings. I have been surrounded by music also. A lot of people used to tell me that Dipessh apart from acting; you should also try your luck in singing. They thought I had a good voice. But I always thought they are praising me because they love me. However, Kumaar ji was keen that I sing. So, I took the plunge with Tumhe… Khoke.

Have there been times when you felt you wanted to do something else?
I have full confidence on my skill. To me, it’s okay if something takes time, but I will be able to make my mark in acting and music. I never felt like I will do something else. I am made for all these. I want to be a part of entertainment world.

How did you find your calling? What were the hurdles? How did you overcome them?
I always go by my instinct. And my instinct is when your people and some of the people you don’t know when they start observing your talent, and they start talking about your talent, then it’s a cherry on the cake. Life is not easy. It’s a big thing to manage. It’s the only thing which has a lot of emotions, so there will be hurdle. There is no life without hurdle. So, when hurdle comes you come out as a strong human being. I come out of a hurdle with a strong mindset. I always believe that if there are hurdles, I will be able to do it properly otherwise I will become complacent.

How do you keep innovating in your creative field?
I read lots of books and watch movies. And when I get a character, I dig deep to extract whatever I have learnt from the books and movies. I keep it very simple because people understand simple things. Already, life is so tough if you make entertainment tough too people will stop enjoying it. My song, Tumhe… Khoke is also simple and people will be easily able to hum it.

How do you ensure that your art resonates with today’s lifestyle and mood?
I always keep myself updated with the entertainment industry. I also observe the people around and the daily life. I also follow Hollywood and try to imbibe whatever necessary.

How did you evolve in your creative space while being stuck during the pandemic?
Covid times were tough not only for me but for everyone. Sitting at home doing nothing is very difficult for a human being or a creative person. I watched a lot of movies and also introspected the past. Covid taught me about life. Life is not only about earning money but also giving time to your family, friends and also health. Though it was a difficult time, Covid really opened our eyes.

Share the top three songs on your playlist.
To summarise the playlist in just three songs will be difficult. But currently I am listening to Attack’s song ‘Ek Tu Hai’ by Jubin Nautiyal. It’s a brilliant composition. Another is ‘Soch Na Sake’ from Airlift. And I’m a big fan of Kishore Kumar so any song of him works for me. I have an everyday dose of Kishore da.

What are your current projects?
Presently, I am working on a web series, which is scheduled for release for mid-May. There are others in pipeline too.

What are your future plans?
I’m enjoying this moment. So, I haven’t thought of my future now but I want to make it as bright as possible. I’m trying to work on good projects as an actor. I will also give some good music to my people.

– By Namita Gupta