Do you recall having stopped mindfully to simply experience the world around us and acknowledge…
your breath as you wake up being able to stand on your feet and move about waking up to see the sun rise
feeling the raindrops on your face just being grateful being alive.

What if we give life a second thought rather than wait for a second chance?

What if we take responsibility for our own outcomes and experiences, empowering us to introspect and correct our own course instead of finding faults in others?

What if we cared to listen to understand, and allowed them to speak their heart out, and then speak after they have stopped?

What if we learnt to forgive, for we know not the circumstances and situations that played out, and to only address it, if need be, at a different time and place?

What if we deferred a verbal altercation when in range to re-engage only whilst our thoughts aren’t clouded?

What if we chose to speak our heart out for what it is and not back down or alter speech to please or appease no one?

What if we said NO and were not bogged down by the need to be the pleaser?

What if we knew that we have an obligation to self: To learn, grow and experience life at its best?

What if that’s all it takes to make things better for ourselves and the others who complete our world?

We are gifted with a limited lifespan and let’s live like this is the truth, and whilst at it mindfully practice gratitude for not just the big starry things but include in it the mundane things that keep us alive, from the breath to the beating heart to an able body to a mind that works and a million other things that complete us.

Having been to the end of the road and back, second chances are very rare, so take nothing for granted; not people or things, and most of all leave nothing for later. Sort life out with the second thought and do not wait for the second chance for as the quote says, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

Life like in a game of cards is only dealt once; it’s for you to make the most of the game with the cards you hold. I wish for you to make the most of the second thought and not wait for the second chance.

Let life be by choice and not by chance.

Ajith Anirudhan
Life Empowerment Coach
International Coaching Federation (ACC)™/ CCA