Waking up to the sound of calm, soft waves… the sunlight streaming into your living room… the sun outside is hot… but a cool sea breeze wafts lazily around… ensuring the indulgent relaxing vibe you’re experiencing… stays with you all day.

Sounds like something right out of the perfect seaside holiday, right? Is this a getaway in Goa? Or some exotic Caribbean island that is beyond your budget and definitely off the maps in these COVID-19 times?

Well, you needn’t be jealous or sigh in disappointment, because this is just what you experience at a Staycation at InterContinental Chennai Mahabalipuram Resort. Right here. Less than two hours from the heart of Chennai.

I’ve been a regular at the gorgeous property and it’s one of my favourite destinations on North Tamil Nadu’s Eastern Coastal Road (ECR). So much so, that even though the property is less than 20kms from Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram) — I have never attempted to go beyond the property and choose to just end my ECR journeys at the spot. I shamelessly admit that even though I have now lived in Chennai for over two years, I still haven’t seen Mahabalipuram yet! And I blame this amazing property for that.

What stands out about InterContinental Chennai Mahabalipuram Resort is the friendliness that pervades the property. It always feels like home. That and the amazing minimalistic design, ensures that you feel a sense of tranquillity — a wonderful escape from the chaos of Chennai. The property also boasts of wide open spaces, manicured gardens and one of the best stretches of well-maintained beaches on this otherwise dreary and often polluted coastline.

The lockdown has been depressing to say the least and so, when InterContinental Chennai Mahabalipuram Resort announced that they were opening up and revamping their property for this brand new concept of a Staycation, we knew we had to check it out.

Let me begin by saying, they needn’t have actually created a new concept for the property. The property will always remain one of the best seaside properties in the vicinity of Chennai, but since they chose to indulge their customer —here’s what they had on offer.

The rooms, especially the suites facing the sea, are delightful. But beyond and above that, the beachfront experience has become the focus of their new Staycation offerings. Their Staycation packages cater to three sets of guests — families, weekday retreat seekers and special celebrations or day-cation vacationers. The packages curated for each one has a unique itinerary designed within government guidelines and protocols.

The family package offers intimate activities like a baking class, a class on shell garland making, an open air private movie screening, sand art classes and an origami art private session. The weekday retreat for friends and couples, offers a curated breakfast in-room, an immune-booster mono-portioned lunch and a dinner at the newly introduced sandpit hideout at KoKoMMo. Believe me; nothing comes close to a leisurely dinner as you watch the waves slowly caress the beach under the moonlight, relaxing in the beachside tent that’s meant to impress.

And then, there’s the day-cation, that’s curated for guests who like to spend a day by the beach and includes a day package with a room from 11am to 6pm, tailored set lunch for two, 1 time use of the private non-alcoholic bar and 1 round of evening refreshments at KoKoMMo.

The property is also COVID-19 ready and ensures a temperature check on arrival and requires that you have the updated Arogya Setu App on your phone. You are also required to fill a 24hrs prior self-assessment form, while the property ensures a contactless check-in. There is also a guided room orientation video available as a part of a luxury check-in experience. To ensure social distancing, prior reservation is required in restaurants and guest masks and sanitizers are available in-room and on request. It is mandatory to wear masks in all public areas within the property.

Your health ensured and a great experience promised, InterContinental Chennai Mahabalipuram Resort delivers 100% paisa vasool for the Staycation experiences. That and the amazing food that the property has always been known for! Do ask the chef for seafood specials as the property always has delicious fresh catch of the day, available 24/7. That, and their delicious pineapple rasam — something I couldn’t get enough of at all!

I left the property, seafood-full, beach-burnt and absolutely oblivious that I was in the middle of the pandemic. This was one time I was happy to forget the reality around me, and the dreamscape created by InterContinental Chennai Mahabalipuram Resort was the perfect quick Staycation my body, soul and mind needed.

Get in touch with the property to find out more:

Chennai Mahabalipuram Resort
212, East Coast Road, Nemelli Village, Perur Post Office, Kanchipuram District
Chennai – 603 104, Tamil Nadu, India


Family Date @ InterContinental Chennai —Starts at `7,800 (All Inclusive)
Sea-Lounging @ InterContinental Chennai — Starts at `11,999 (All Inclusive)
Day-cation @ InterContinental
Chennai — Starts at `5,000
(All Inclusive, Monday – Friday)