The willingness to help and the skill to connect with ease, engage one in a conversation that was comforting and a lifetime of experience walking through fires (some of my own creation and some circumstantial)… All of this taught me that I had it in me to show some light and direction whilst coaching. The dawning of the shortcoming came by quick and progressed thereon through a path of unlearning; though knotty, this was a path I had to endure and subsequently evolve by choice.

With every passing day that I coached, I transformed as a person against all odds. I gained ground, having deeper conversations like never before. This is the stage at which I realized that there is need to reinvent the true meaning and purpose of a conversation; to exhibit participation, compassion and understanding; to be able to articulate and respond in accordance… To create a style that served with consistency.

The world we live in today is rife with social norms and the need for one to keep up with the Joneses. It’s a life projected behind various social media filters, making most experiences far from real. A lifestyle that’s constantly diminishing real human bonding in mind, body and spirit, limiting all possible doors to healing when in doubt, stressed, depressed or just simply needing to talk. This simple realization puts us as coaches in a place with responsibility twice as much to embrace and facilitate a conversation that brings forth clarity.

There was a need to be and to become someone, probably an avatar whose character one could embody while in a coaching conversation, a character defined by clear responsibility and purpose. My search for this character ended the day I saw this picture, The “NAVIGATOR” it was, for he steered the driver to the finish line, never in the limelight but facilitating every win, like one would do in a conversation guiding the client to stay on track whilst speaking only when needed, to bring forth clarity, purpose and new perspectives… knowing very well the limitations of the terrain and that of the client as he progresses to his goals.

That’s my journey for now, so pick that Avatar that’s your own & let it be your guiding light to all that you can possibly become.
There is power in that choice.
Signing off, The Navigator.

Ajith Anirudhan
Life Empowerment Coach
International Coaching Federation