Moj has emerged as India’s #1 short video app which provides its talented community of artists, a platform to express their creativity and inspire millions of people. It has already crossed 160 million monthly active users. Here’s a candid chat with one of the beauty influencers Mrunal Panchal, on her collaboration with Moj.

1. What inspired you to become a make-up artist?

Like many kids, I was always fascinated by my mother’s makeup. In my early teenage days, I used to borrow her makeup and experiment with different techniques and colours to learn this art. I am also inspired by James Charles and his interesting make-up looks. He has taught me that life is very short and we need to spend our time doing things that we love. He has also spoken about not letting external factors like hate and negativity get in the way of our passion. His attitude towards make-up has helped me steer away from any negative criticism.

2. What are the challenges you faced to become a make-up artist?

I was pursuing medicine when I decided to take on make-up. Initially my parents were taken aback and had many apprehensions, but after seeing my passion for the craft and the amount of love and appreciation I was getting, they extended their full support. Additionally, I used to feel extremely under confident and self-conscious because of acne and sensitive skin. But, over the years, I have overcome that and it has been nothing but a roller coaster ride. Our skin doesn’t get accustomed to make-up or skincare products in a day, it’s a process. One needs to identify the right products for their skin type and tone and of course, be consistent.

3. What are some of the tips you would give to someone who is just beginning to invest in make-up?

Make-up is a versatile form of art and the more creative you get, the more unique you’ll look. It is that one area where being consistent matters the most. You’ll not master the smokey eyes or the cut crease liners overnight! Patience, consistency and a never give up attitude is the key. Moreover, I suggest beginners to invest in basic drugstore products and not necessarily jump onto high-end luxe products. Before trying experimental make-up, they should get their basics right like – the correct techniques of concealing, finding your shade of foundation and moisturising correctly in order to have a non-cakey makeup look.

4. What are the make-up trends that you foresee for 2022?

Thinking out of the box will always top in the upcoming makeup trends. But I foresee graphic liners and over-lining the lip still being as popular as it is now. Y2K make-up will be back, and the multi-colour eye make-up will be the latest trend. For people who don’t like going all out with their make-up, cheek and lip tints are here to stay. Apart from makeup, creating music, dance and perception videos is something that I’m looking forward to. I can’t wait to explore new viral trendy songs, learn their steps and twist it in my own way.

5. What is your most favourite make-up look?

Nude subtle look is my ultimate favourite go-to makeup look.

6. If you were given a chance to be a make-up artist for a celebrity, who would you choose?

It has to be the one and only, Selena Gomez. I absolutely love her and it would be an absolute honour to be her makeup artist.

7. What kind of videos are you going to be uploading on Moj?

I will be uploading videos on my make-up looks and since I have also started travelling, I will create mini travel videos to share my journey with them. I also enjoy dancing and lip-syncing and hence you will find some of those videos on my Moj profile as well.

8. Please share your experience around Moj fashion fest.

I think the Moj Fashion fest was a great way to showcase creativity, the challenges acted like prompts and helped in creating some out-of-the box looks. I enjoyed watching the videos and also participating in the challenges. Through the fest, I feel like Moj has helped people to unleash their imagination and experiment with different colours, styles and looks.