A neat house, a tidy wardrobe, walls that glow and clothes that shine; we make sure everything is impeccable when festive season arrives. But, amidst dressing up, cooking a feast and hosting get-togethers, we sometimes forget to shower love on the most valuable treasure of all: ourselves. This Diwali, it’s time for change! One brand will look after you while you look after others.

Azafran has launched its exclusive “Diwali Glow Kit”, a customised variety of wholesome and nourishing body care products. A name synonymous with excellence as well as versatility, Azafran’s Diwali collection is certified organic, vegan friendly and cruelty free. Thoughtfully crafted and built for happiness, here’s a look at all the exciting goodies inside the Azafran Diwali Glow Kit:

● Festive Fragrance: Just one whiff of Azafran’s Charismatique Blackberry Perfume will transport you to a world of serene solace. With no parabens or other harmful chemicals, this scent is so pure it smells like Diwali!

● Flower power: The Jasmine Floral Water is a one of its kind majestic marvel that not only reduces those stubborn scars and spots but also aids in enhancing tone and relieving aggravated skin.

● Refreshingly Radiant: To help you dazzle during Diwali, the Skin Brightening Face Wash with Bilberry, Orange, Lemon, Sugarcane and Sugar Maple extracts is your perfect companion.

● Butter than the best: For that soft, smooth and sublime feel, Azafran’s Body Butter hydrates our skin so that dryness is a thing of the past.

● Ageless Wonder: The Nutri Active Advanced Skin Firming Cream is Azafran’s best kept secret to look forever young with no worry of annoying wrinkles or pesky dark circles.

Diwali is the festival of lamps, colours and joy. There’s no better way to honour the occasion than choosing a brand that cares about quality, cares about customers and cares about the planet. Azafran’s eco-friendly offerings are the ideal gift for not just us but our friends and family too!