As running puts the whole body into motion, it not only helps one in burning calories but also helps them in staying fit, losing weight and preventing several diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure and many more. Additionally, it also improves one’s bone health by boosting bone mineral density. Many people think that running is bad for the knees which is a myth, as in reality, running strengthens the knees by increasing bone mass.

Several studies have also shown that running vastly improves our emotional and mental health and makes us happy. By doing any form of high-intensity exercise like running for 30 minutes, our body releases hormones which makes us feel good and reduces our stress levels.

As a natural stress buster, running can instantly lift one’s mood and give a sense of well-being. It also increases one’s self-esteem and helps in achieving a positive body image.

Tips for a better running experience

1. Slow not fast: If you are a beginner, focus on running slow rather than going after speed. You will steadily improve your timing and stamina and that will eventually make you a stronger runner.

2. Gearing it up: Wearing proper gear is crucial if you are a long-distance runner. Avoid cotton clothes and go for sweat-wicking or dry-fit fabric for a pleasurable running experience.

Shoes are the most important gear for any runner. Before picking up a random shoe from the shelf, get a gait analysis done at your local shoe store. This is important because when we run, our foot lands in a certain way on the ground (under pronate, neutral, overpronate). Hence, picking the shoe which supports the foot during the run is important. Buying or wearing the wrong shoe can lead to injuries.

3. Warm-up and cool down: Always do an easy dynamic warm-up before your run as it prepares your body for the upcoming exercise. Start with very light skipping and gradually introduce butt kicks, lunges and leg swings in your warm-up.