Supersonic air travel has always been marred in controversy including its thirst, noise, and the cost along with being confined to the history books once and for all. However, with the advent of technology, time is the biggest luxury and there is no better solution than supersonic air travel which cuts down flight times drastically. That said, some have also thought of a way to walk around the issues regarding supersonic air travel and it is indeed coming back.
Boom Overture is a supersonic jet which is cleaner, more efficient but faster than conventional aircrafts. The sleek design is like the Concorde and looks very cool indeed along with a sci-fi stance about it. However, the original supersonic icon, the Concorde had many issues including noise levels, space and more which have been cured with the Overture as it does away with afterburners- hence reducing the noise levels. The aircraft will also have a reduction in fuel consumption while also being greener.

Let us talk speed though as supersonic air travel is all about that with the Boom Overture having a Mach 1.7 cruising speed- twice the speed of sound and will cut down flight times drastically. In today’s fast paced world, this matters a lot. The sleek design is also aerodynamic and that helps in the overall functioning of the aircraft as well. It has four engines which make a huge amount of power and the aircraft has a cruising altitude of 60,000 feet along with a range of 4250 nmi.

Unlike other supersonic jets, it is comfortable too and spacious with space for up-to 80 passengers. The Boom Overture supersonic aircraft does sound like a reality and it already has many orders in the bag, hence amongst other players, this is a firmer possibility of making flight timings a lot shorter while saving time for the richest people in the world.

The company has the target of rolling out the first jet by 2026 and to be ready for passenger service by 2029. That said, there are sceptics thinking whether supersonic travel is needed or not since there are a lot of complexities and issues which still surround with such a bold claim of speed. No doubt the lure of speed is there but cost, issues regarding development and tailoring for passenger use is very much a concern. Some other players have bailed out citing issues and despite promises, the return of supersonic travel is always clouded by its complex nature. However, Boom supersonic Overture could turn out to be a change for supersonic travel and be the transport of choice for the wealthy in the future.

The Range Rover remains the flagship Land Rover and a brand which is synonymous with luxury along with off-road ability. The newest iteration of this go-anywhere luxury behemoth mixes a clutter free design along with more technology. After the big new Range Rover coming in, it’s time for its sibling, the new Range Rover Sport to enter the fiercely contested luxury SUV space. The third generation Range Rover Sport is arguably one of its most important new cars and crucial to the sales volumes. There is no doubt that the new Range Rover Sport is a sleek SUV despite being a massive hulk in terms of its sheer size.

Based on the new platform like the Range Rover, the new ‘Sport is stiffer and borrows the minimalistic but gorgeous design language as its bigger sibling. The lines are minimal but purposeful and the flush door handles along with carved out design elements give it a stunning look. The lights are slimmer and makes the car broader while the tight character lines enhance the muscle. It is bold, purposeful but also does justice to its ‘Sport’ moniker. Climb aboard the leather filled cabin and it has the same luxury vibe as the Range Rover while the massive curved touchscreen along with a minimalistic dashboard continue to impress.

That said, it is not a technology fest and has some physical controls while the knobs for climate control are a thing of joy. The steering-wheel design and the sportier driving position does mark this SUV out. The same philosophy augurs well with the driving experience which is a combination of old-school SUV and a fast performance car. The P400 petrol with 400 bhp leaps off with enthusiasm and even sounds exciting when duly provoked via the ‘S’ mode. The engine is fast and responsive while also enabling you to drive it quicker.

That said, it is refined and easy to drive at low speeds with the typical authoritative driving position. Despite its size, the Range Rover Sport is easy to drive and feels quick on its feet too. Off-road, you can take it anywhere and its massive 281mm ground clearance and 900mm water wading ability is justification of that. The cabin comes with all the toys that you expect including a digital rear view mirror, a 19-speaker audio system, a full-length glass roof and more.
Overall, the new Range Rover Sport steers closer in personality to the bigger Range Rover along with the same charisma albeit with a sportier vibe. The upmarket cabin, more technology and the stunning looks makes it an SUV that stands out amongst all of the others. For buyers that is what counts in the end.