How would you define yourself?
I would define myself as a person who exudes positive energy and ensures that I am surrounded by positive vibes. I am a very secure person; I do not like to take unnecessary tension regarding my future. I know what my capabilities are, and know where to put it to use. I am a person who lives only for the present, and I make sure that my present is better than my past. Also, I think I am a blunt person who speaks from my heart.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
The very first thing I do when I wake up is search for my phone, check my messages on social media, reply to my fans and just like half the planet, the inevitable struggle to actually get out of my bed. It nearly takes 40mins for me to finally let go of my sheets every morning.

What is the last thing you do before you sleep?
I love watching Netflix. So before I go to bed, I switch on the TV, switch off the lights, get my glass of wine and watch my favourite Netflix show. I prefer watching shows that are romantic or anything related to school life. I sleep as soon as I feel sleepy and when I wake up in the morning, I switch off the TV. Yupp, I leave it on all night.

Your perfect holiday destination?
My perfect holiday destination would be Bali. I just love that place. I even enjoy going on adventures — I love trekking, rafting, scuba diving and bungee jumping. I love amusement park rides and they bring out the child out in me. I even love chilling by the sea.

If you were chilling all alone, you would?
I just love being by myself, having my own time. I like to go to places that are isolated. Sometimes, I ride my bullet — I just wear my helmet and my jacket and go for a long drive.

Brands you swear by?
I don’t usually swear by any brand. I do like Zara, Mango and Esprit. So the thing is I usually wear anything that suits me or looks good on me. I don’t care if it is branded. I’m only brand conscious when it comes to shoes — I love Michael Kors and I love shoes from Aldo and Charles & Keith.

What do you define as fun?
My definition of fun is a prank. I love pranking people. I love pranking people on the road and also love pranking neighbours by ringing their doorbell at 3am and running away. I also get a lot of joy by arguing with cops who aren’t wearing helmets.

What can we see you next in?
Quite a few projects are in the pipeline and the one that you’ll see the soonest is me in an action avatar. Fans that have only seen me in glam roles will be quite surprised by this change.

What did you take away from Bigg Boss?
I got a bunch of amazing friends from Bigg Boss and some amazing habits like valuing time and also taking up opportunities when they come your way. I learnt to let go of my ego and anger. I also made some great memories with Kamal sir and my co-contestants. The main thing I learned is to always give importance to yourself rather than others.

What do you define as #GirlPower?
According to me girls are intrinsically powerful. I would love to see girls taking part in everything. I want women to just take over men in the years to come, because as everyone knows, the industry I belong to is very male dominated. I want women to have an equal opportunity in everything, and I want girls to do everything they wish for or love. I hope and pray for such a day.

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