How would you define yourself?
I think I would always define myself as a person who is in the constant pursuit of happiness.

First thing you do when you wake up?
The first thing I do when I wake up is look into a mirror and make sure I’m still alive, take a deep breath and thank the universe for this amazing life.

Last thing you do before you sleep?
I’m slightly old school when it comes to this. I say a short prayer and reflect on the great things that happened to me during that day.

Your perfect holiday destination?
As an actor, travelling is shaping me in a big way. All the places I’ve been to have had their own charm and have given me unique and new experiences. In India I love the peace and tranquility of Himachal Pradesh, the warm and energetic spirit of Goa, and the maddening and bursting life of Mumbai.

If you’re chilling all alone, you would?
I would prefer listening to music of different genres and languages, and just dive into my very own dream sequence. Other than listening to music I love going on long drives too.

Brands you swear by?
I’m not very brand conscious. I just check new collections every season. My shopping is driven by visual appeal. I am not loyal to any brand and it’s all about what a new collection looks like.

Your definition of fun?
For me, fun is a long conversation with an interesting person and anything that such an experience can lead to.

What can we see you next in?
I’m coming up with a couple of interesting and exciting projects. Have finished some and yet to start some. Too soon to announce, so wait and watch.

Your take away from your debut movie ‘June’?
I’ve learnt a lot by working with the amazing talent in the industry. The movie June for me was a re-confirmation of the philosophy, ‘if you follow your dream, then the whole universe will conspire for you to achieve it.’

Your opinion on how women are portrayed in movies?
Women in any field deserve much more, but things are changing for the positive now. I’m happy to see a lot of interesting female-oriented movies that are being accepted by larger audiences.