How would you define yourself?
I would define myself as a self-propelled person, who is always trying to give my best in everything I do! Someone who believes in hard work and smart work, not luck!

First thing you do when you wake up?
I exercise, that’s my first priority as soon as I wake up. It keeps me energetic and productive throughout the day.

Last thing you do before you sleep?
I listen to good positive songs, as I believe that one should never go to bed with bad or negative thoughts.

Your perfect holiday destination?
I’ve been to a few countries but that was all for official work, never been on a vacation. I never got time to chill or even think about vacation as I’m always running towards my goal. Hopefully, I will find time for a vacation someday.

If you were chilling alone you would?
I would watch some good series or a movie or practice acting in front of  the mirror.

Brands you swear by?
I like Nike for gym wear; Puma and Aldo for shoes; and Van Heusen for formals.

Your definition of fun?
In my opinion, fun is doing anything which makes me happy but without hurting others. It’s no fun when somebody gets hurt by it, being a good human is fun as well.

What keeps you motivated towards fitness?
To be frank I don’t have any other choice. It’s really important to put in the hard work and continuous effort to get something you want. I always want to live up to the expectations people have from me. Now it is my lifestyle, it’s my way of living. Just like how you brush your teeth every day or eat every day, likewise I work out and eat healthy every day.

What’s next?
I have done a web series for Zee5 which will be out this month. My next movie releases by February 2020. I’ve played the role of a martial arts champion. I’m also in discussion with two production houses for two upcoming projects.