Oh yes…your spouse can actually hear and react to your thoughts! Not just your spouse, your pets and your plants too! Back in the 1980’s a group of scientists made a groundbreaking discovery…they found that when a person was excited just by the thought of his favourite brand of cigarettes, the cells in his spit lying at the far end of the room danced with excitement. Your thoughts are so powerful that every cell in your body even when separated from your body continues to respond to your thoughts. It has thus been concluded, if you kiss your spouse goodbye on your way to work, and as you step out, you think of your gorgeous neighbour, chances are your spouse can actually tell. Proven fact!

Every thought you are thinking is creating a biochemical reaction within you and around you, constantly influencing everybody and everything around you and every cell within you. Every morning as you wake up and just ‘THINK’ how wonderful it would be to wrap yourself right back in the sheets and continue to sleep, a whole combination of juice oozes through your body to fill it up with lethargy. Instead, if you just jumped out of bed, looking forward to the day ahead, your entire system would boost itself with enthusiastic energy.

Isn’t it really that simple? If all it takes is just a positive thought to maintain good health then why is it that you are battling more health challenges compared to your parents or grandparents? Aaah…more STRESS is it? EMIs to meet, deal with your spouse, please the boss, attend to the kids, pamper the helpers…and pray they actually turn up the next day…and the list goes on…Didn’t your parents and grandparents and their parents deal with the exact same list? In fact, their list was probably much more magnified…they had more responsibilities, bigger families, more mouths to feed, more kids…and some…more spouses too!

The point is…this whole saga of STRESS isn’t a new phenomenon. We have been introduced to stress as early as the evolution of the caveman? I’m sure the stress of facing a wild beast was far more terrifying than facing your nagging spouse…although back then they weren’t married to the wild beast. (poor you!). But honestly, isn’t the stress of living through world wars or slavery, far more intense as compared to daring a pandemic from the safety of your impeccably sterile home?

How did your parents and grandparents and their parents deal with stress, and still manage to enjoy a healthier life? Could it be possible that they had a healthier brain that could think more positively as compared to yours?

Apparently yes! They did have a healthier brain than you do…it’s called ‘The Gut’…The second brain! Ever wondered why we say “it’s a Gut Feeling”? Your brain and your gut are actually wired…and a major part of your thoughts, positive and negative, is actually coming from your gut. A healthier gut contributes to happier thoughts resulting in a more enthusiastic you.

Your parents and their parents and all those before them were joyfully unaware of fast food, aerated drinks, pesticides and GMOs which are highly skilled at mass destruction of ‘good bacteria’ in your gut.

Good bacteria:
1. Nourishes you with vitamins and minerals from your food.
2. Gets rid of the unwanted food…yes the very same stuff we flush out ‘every’ morning (hopefully!)
3. Cleans up after the flush out.
4. Keeps the bad guys in check.

As you thulp down your home delivered GMO garnished microwave heated fried food, pizzas and sodas, your sacred ‘good bacteria’ begin to disintegrate. With them perishes your desire to pump enthusiastic thoughts of jumping out of bed every morning.

On an extremely serious and unfortunate note…an unhealthy gut is one of the most common reasons for widespread depression and other mental health issues today. It isn’t uncommon but it sure is painful to watch even young children with adventure of an entire lifetime to look forward to, melting away in depression. Higher rates of suicide or suicidal thoughts are not just related to stress…it is the inability to cope with stress because of an unhealthy gut.

If you are feeling depressed, life seems meaningless or you are plagued with anxiety, it’s probably just your gut. I have seen many unfocused children and unpleasant adults blossom and transform their life around once their gut health is restored. It is almost as if you got back the grip on the reins of your life.

To restore your gut health:
1. Undergo a gut-cleanse therapy at least once a year. An intense 10-15 days ayurvedic herbal therapy or 3-5 sessions of Colon Hydro Therapy once a year.
2. Replenish your gut with ‘good bacteria’. Include a 60-90 day course of probiotic supplements at least once a year. Kombucha, Milk Kefir and other fermented beverages are wonderful for re-balancing gut microbes.
3. Include curd as a part of your daily diet, make sure it is made from fresh milk and not pasteurised or homogenised milk.

While addressing a physical detox…keep in mind a mental detox is also an absolute necessity to ensure you manifest healthy thoughts.

Every single patient who has ever visited our facility over the last 20 years, with the smallest of hormonal imbalance to the most physically and mentally debilitating diseases like cancer or Alzheimer’s…the origin has always been a deep-rooted resentment.

Every disease or discomfort you are currently tolerating, carries a saga of a deep-seated resentment from your past. The next time you have a sore throat, pause and ponder…it could’ve been an outcome to a moment of intense anger you had to curtail…either with your boss or your spouse or somebody you could possibly not scream your lungs out at…the moment you release the anger…the sore throat heals almost miraculously. Well if it doesn’t, then take a swab test.

Your brain carries a hard disk with extra-large storage space for long term resentment…It is time to clear out this storage space. Undergo a few sessions of mental detox with a psychologist or a detox specialist and learn a few tricks to let go of all the pent-up emotions.

Set healthy goals at every stage of your life. Pick up a new hobby and learn something absolutely new at least once a year. It keeps your brain excited and too busy to even bother about recollecting any unhappy past.

A true mark of a successful person is the one with the healthiest body and a sound mind and has achieved holistic success in life…apart from financial and occupational success, consider achieving success in your relationships as a spouse, a parent and a friend. Focus and pamper your body…rest well, relax, take a break…breathe!…trust me…the world won’t end…while you are at it!

Remember thoughts become things…every thought you are thinking is influencing everything in and around you…if you want more positive life experiences, it’s time you changed the way you think. My gut feeling says you will!

Dr. Ashmita Boopathy Moturi
M.D Alternative Medicine
MSc. Psychology
M.S Medical Engineering
Dip. Health Sciences (Nutritional Medicine)
Director: Wishing Well Healthcare
Founder and Director: NineO2 Detox and Wellness