How did you both meet each other?
Shama: We met through a common friend and the first day we met there was no inclination towards anything, but as the night progressed and we actually had a very long night the attraction kept building and it was really strange. I felt really pulled towards him. I felt like there was a strong connection. It was very weird because it’s never happened to me before.It was beyond anything that I had ever experienced in any other relationship before. I was really in love with myself for the first time so much that I didn’t want anybody to take that away from me and didn’t want to be in any relationship and then James happened. I accepted myself the way I was, I appreciated my simplicity and my honesty and integrity and that’s exactly when I found the kind of man I deserve the kind of man I longed for and the kind of man I wanted.

What’s your unforgettable Valentine’s Day surprise?
For us, every single day is Valentine’s Day and we are in love with each other so immensely at all times. Whenever he looks into me and breathes next to me is Valentine’s Day. We surprise each other with a lot of love, value, understanding, and respect for each other.

Which factor holds you both together as a couple?
Our simplicity, non-complicated way towards life, honesty, and integrity are the factors that hold us together.

Which is that one habit about each other that you both find weird?
Whenever he wants to leave for work, James tells me ‘Ok baby I’m leaving’ and keeps telling me, but never wants to leave my sight and he feels almost guilty to leave me. I find it both cute and weird because he just tells that 10times before leaving.

Tell us the first thing you noticed about him?
I noticed his simplicity and gentleness. He is also such a good listener and he cares for me a lot which is a quality that is so rare to find.

Any memorable gift from your partner?
Other than materialistic things, the most precious and desired gift will be his love which is so deep and intense.

How was the time spent together during the lockdown?
It was heavenly. We were at home together. We loved, cried, laughed, and helped each other. In fact, this lockdown made us closer than ever before.

What is the most romantic thing you have done for each other?
It will be forgiving each other anytime we made a mistake and letting the love win.

How do you support each other in times of stress?
We stand by each other and our whole intention is to give and receive we are very conscious and aware of that which gives some kind of

purpose. We also have boundaries and don’t do anything forcefully and everything flows naturally in our relationship and that’s the most beautiful part of our relationship.

What are the things you love doing together?
We actually have quite similar tastes and we both are open-minded human beings. We like to try new things and are open to each other’s thoughts. We both are aware of our ego andour ego stays in check with each other.

What are the nicknames for each other?
I call him Jimmy and he calls me baby.

Where is a place you’ve always wanted to travel to as a couple?
We both love mountains, hiking, and are nature lovers, so we definitely want to travel to New Zealand, Peru and Chile.

-By Vinitha Venkatesha