‘A dog’s spirit dies hard,” said Mikhail Bulgakov. HFA (Heaven For Animals) is a non-profit organization that is the voice for the voiceless, mainly focuses on improving the quality of life of the animals by providing at least one meal per day. They are focused on animal welfare that protects, rescues and adopts strays all over Chennai and providing provisions for Animal Birth Control (ABC), from conducting free vaccination camps to creating awareness. This Animal-Friendly place intends to feed over almost 4000+strays every day.

“This initiative was started in the pandemic, when all the roadside hotels were closed; there was no food, water anywhere. We just started by providing biscuits, slowly we cooked food for a few dogs and then it culminated into a kitchen, where we provided food for the strays. We have about 50+ feeders. Feeders come to the kitchen from various areas, pick up the food and bring back the buckets the next day. Our future plan is to open ABC (Animal Birth Control) centers. Our legal team is active fight against animal cruelty cases,” says Prabhavathy Venugopal, Additional Secretary.

Besides, they’re also planning to open more centers in different areas. Veterinary clinics to be opened with boarding to treat sick and injured dogs for free and shelters for sick, old and blind dogs. There are feeders, trustees and board members from all walks of life encouraging and emphasizing the NGO with their support. They can survive if we help them to survive and they believe more feeders to kick-in.

– By Kirubakshini