The definition of power dressing has evolved through the years. In the early decades of 1900s women began easing up on restrictive garments and shortening hemlines. By the 1970s, as women were fighting to enter the corporate world, the dress code for success became more about mimicking men as a means of capturing a little bit of their authority and gaining acceptance into the boys’ club. The ’80s and ’90s saw a shift towards a more fiercely feminine brand of power. The suits stayed, but now they had exaggerated shoulders, nipped-in waists, came in bold colors, and didn’t shy away from making a statement. For the modern woman, power dressing isn’t defined by one look.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a woman on the corporate ladder or a home maker, dressing powerfully is not about impressing others and changing how they think of you, but a tool to set yourself up to be a brilliant woman on the outside as well as the inside.
Power dressing is about creating reimagined Indian fashion for women’s clothing. The infusion of art in every thread by using Indian methods of block-printing, tie-dyeing, chikankari to create western attires like skirts, blouses, dresses, pants, jackets, etc. is unique to

how others view Indian craftsmanship on modern silhouettes. Reviving our Indian aesthetics onto trending fashion wear is raison d’être. The motivation is deeply rooted in the sustenance and appreciation of rural artisans and Indian craftsmanship. The designs bring together the best of the old and new with a collection of pieces that bridge the gap between classic silhouettes and modern

tailoring. Pieces should be created for women of every age to make them feel confident, empowered and feminine.

Tailored suits
A finely cut suit feels empowering. It is cut to enhance your shape; you look elegant and together, even on days when you don’t quite feel that way. A good suit moves where it needs to. Whether you like monochrome, floral, bright or patterned fabrics, when you add simple and sleek accessories you always look the business. Paired with a great shirt, or a fitted t-shirt for a more informal look, it’s the small styling shifts that make your suit look modern and on-trend. Styled with matching pants, the blazers add to make the ultimate feminine power suit.

Print Power
Whether you love ostentatious prints or you are a minimalist at heart, both have a role to play in power dressing. This season florals, gingham and stripes are strong, even dominating. Old style florals may not have exuded assertiveness and authority but today’s florals are rich hues and moody. Strong colours always have a place on powerful women. Co-ords are the perfect pieces for a work wardrobe if you are new to the concept of power-dressing, as they are already built ensembles.

Every Closet Needs a Quality Blazer
Just like a suit, a quality blazer finishes an outfit with its line and fabric. It transforms a simple dress, pants or skirt and even jeans into a boardroom powerhouse. Coat, a timeless silhouette, will easily layer over everything from jeans to dresses.
A tailored menswear staple gets a feminine update – combining the look of a blazer with an elongated silhouette that forms a timeless dress.

– By Savita Jain and Avani K Chandan, The founders of The House of Ara.