With less outings and get togethers, staying home continues to be the trend even this year. This trend has given rise to the growing number of cloud kitchens. Ciro’s Pizzeria has both a cloud kitchen and a spacious dining area for every pizza lover, serving a wide variety of crusty and scrumptious pizzas.

Rooted in Italy, inspired by life, the pizzas from Ciro’s are no ordinary ones. Crafted by Chef Ciro Cattaneo using his generation-old family recipes and curated for the modern palate, the artisanal pizzas are in a class by themselves.

Ciro’s Pizzeria is named after the man behind Bella Ciao who gave Chennai authentic Italian pizza way back in 1998. The menu encapsulates the aura of walking through Italy’s cobble-stoned bylanes, the fresh smell of dough rising and the faint smell of the Mediterranean sea. The brand imports 00’ flour and most of the ingredients authentic to the region from Italy. The dough for the Napoletana pizza is specially fermented for 24-48 hours to give it a very distinct flavour and texture.

From Giardino Pizza topped with Grilled Aubergine, Mozzarella, Grilled onion, Roasted bell pepper to Principessa Pizza topped with Roasted Almonds, Mascarpone, Rosemary Potato, Mozzarella to Parma Deliziosa Pizza with Parma ham, Pistachio, White Truffle oil, Mascarpone to the really imaginative Coreana Pizza with Gochujang, Shiitake, Roasted Chicken, Roasted Zucchini, Spinach and Roasted Chicken, these have been specially crafted to tickle your palate with well-rounded flavours.

Chef Ciro Cattaneo has been making pizzas for over three decades now. Ciro partnered with Paul Raymond and Nikhil Nath of the Masseys Group to bring some of the freshest bakes in town.

Where: Currently Ciro’s Pizzeria is in Chennai, Bangalore and will soon be launching in Hyderabad. One can dine- in at Fox In The Field, Bengaluru or can order via Swiggy/ Zomato.