Father’s Day is here and you are still contemplating on what to get your hero! We go through this every year. And why not? It is hard to get a man, who takes care of your every need, a gift as amazing as him. He deserves something relaxing, nourishing and recharging to not just bring a smile to his face but also ensure his well-being. To be honest, dads will never spend that time or energy to get themselves the best care. So, let’s make it easy for them and look at some affordable yet amazing personal care products for your amazing dad.

Steer clear of pollution impact: Pilgrim’s Volcanic Lava Ash Face Wash

Air pollutants are bad for the skin but dads don’t really understand the impact! They often step out for work in scorching heat which further damages their skin. Seek help from Pilgrim that curates the best of global beauty traditions for you at your doorstep, affordably! The Volcanic Lava Ash Face Wash, inspired by the secrets of the pristine island of Jeju, Korea, is the best option to free his skin of pollutants. Volcanic Lava Ash acts as a dirt magnet for skin and doesn’t strip off the skin of its protective moisture barrier. Ingredient Yugdugu dries out any active acne and controls redness while White lotus further purifies, soothes and calms the skin. No matter how his day goes, you can ensure his skin feels energized with this toxin-free and cruelty-free face wash.

Beard-Care? Easy with Beardo Godfather Beard Oil

Beardo makes grooming easy with its offerings. And if your dad is looking for a specific solution to take care of his beard, Beardo Godfather Beard Oil is here for the rescue. It is a non-greasy beard oil that conditions deeply while preventing dryness & flakiness. While the aloe vera naturally conditions and strengthens strands, almond oil acts as a source of protein to stimulate hair growth and Vitamin E reduces damage by heat & pollution.

De-stress and build immunity: Integrate Kapiva Wild Amla juice and Ashwagandha supplement into his life

Stress can easily creep into our lives with so much going on. Responsibilities add a lot of pressure on our parents. Sometimes they ignore their own health. Integrate into your father‘s life Kapiva’s Vitamin-C powerhouse – Wild Amla Juice, also good for skin and hair health. It will help him build immunity on regular use and boost metabolism. Add to this Ashwagandha+ destress supplement capsules to calm him and enhance his mood.

Pamper with affordable luxury: The Man Company fragrances

Make your dad always ready for an unplanned or planned event/outing and present his best self with The Man Company’s range of perfumes. The Ombre Eau De Parfum is designed to last. Its spirit is warm, earthy and exotic, making your dad witness all his great days. The Ocean Eau De Parfum on the other hand is refreshing like a splash, deep like the ocean itself. It will give your dad the rich, relaxing, and refreshing touch of nature.