The unexplored rustic coastal beauty of Karnataka will leave any traveller with a wanderlust, awestruck. And that is exactly what happened with this British couple who visited Gokarna many years back. Needless to say, they fell head over heels in love with it and the result of this British couple’s love affair with Gokarna and their dream to build a family home resulted in the creation of their own slice of heaven that they called Kahani Paradise. A pair of avid travellers unravelled this mystery to carefully craft this gorgeous den, oozing with old world luxury from every corner.

Nestled in the coastal town of Gokarna in Karnataka, perched atop a cliff overlooking the Aghanashini river on one side and the Arabian sea on the other, it is truly a lap of luxury in the midst of nature’s bounty, that will leave you spellbound. This tropical green estate was indulgent in its own secret affair with the daunting Arabian Sea for ages not known to man.

Anthony Bellm, the son of the British couple who dreamt of this paradise has fashioned their six-bedroom home on a 27-acre estate, where urban dwellers can satiate their hunger for the much-needed greenery and fresh air, as they unwind with scenic views of lush gardens, farms, wild green forests and the ocean too! A swimming pool that blends in with the rocky surroundings and a step well that is lit up with over 1000 lamps, there are many spots that spell pure romance. Picture this – swimming in the infinity pool with views of the Aghanashini river right below and post an afternoon of a sumptuous lunch and relaxation, you sip on a bubbly at the sunset point with views of the pristine Paradise beach watching the sunset, but of course. Sounds postcard perfect right? Well, it actually is just that and a lot more.

Kahani Paradise recently opened its doors to the discerning luxury consumer, while still retaining the identity of a home, that it was. No wonder then that this luxury villa is already drawing a large number of travel enthusiasts not only from Karnataka but from across the country. Its aesthetically designed rooms houses antiques and furniture sourced from across Asia and Africa that create a unique juxtaposition with the contemporary, lavish amenities in all of its six palatial suites, offering a wholesome and private experience. A serene and private escape facing the mighty Arabian Sea and ensconced in an orchard of coconut, betel nut and banana trees and other foliage. Indulge in the infinity swimming pool, or take a relaxing massage in the spa or just soak in the luxuriant surrounding and laze around.

The tale of this mystical yet stunning structure is narrated throughout the property. With six suites, each uniquely different from the other, Anthony has etched a kahani (story) in every room having added antiques (antique pieces sourced by Christine Rai of Indian Inc) and tapestries from across India, Myanmar and Africa. His and his designer team’s (Delhi-based designer Saloni Sharma of Design Isle) eye for detail has ensured that each room follows a theme that beautifully merges the contemporary with the rustic.

Designed to capture views of the sprawling garden, the aptly named Green Room has a modern, airy interior and large windows that reveal picturesque views of the forested hillside. Wake up to the golden sun brightening up your villa every morning with the backdrop of the forests, and the evening breeze swaying the moonlit greens. An understated, elegant colour palette for the bedroom is matched with tinted walls and antique doors that have been sourced from Rajasthan.

The Blue Room is one of the more intimate suites of the Villa. In a serene ocean inspired colour scheme, the interiors come together seamlessly to offer a multitude of views. What’s more, this special suite, ideal for families, has its own private seating area that looks out onto the property and at the ocean beyond.

Tucked away from the main villa is the Elephant Suite that offers a truly secluded getaway. The high-ceiling and marble interiors welcome sunlight through its large windows, giving way to an intimate pavilion terrace from which to gaze at the ocean. Ideal for a couple seeking complete privacy.

The Peacock Suite, situated a fair distance from the villa, is comfortably secluded. The large room boasts of beautiful antique doors and arches that pairs well with the contemporary glass work. With a pavilion terrace shared with Elephant, the suite is ideal just to lay around or enjoy the view.

Palace Suite is the largest and the most luxurious with decadent wide-arched interiors. The suite offers generous sunlight and is coupled with a stunning bathroom and a marble bathtub. Rare views of the garden matched with a private suite. The Panaromic Suite offers a vantage point of the estate from behind ceiling-high glass partitions. A master bedroom, marble bathroom with sliding windows allows open air, a private balcony, and a quiet study den, this suite is visually stunning with vernacular antiques and is comfortable.

Dining at Kahani Paradise is an experience by itself, with a wraparound terrace engulfing the forest and the sky. Tickle your taste buds with the delicacies prepared from fresh produce of the estate’s very own garden and the local organic market, served with warmth from the in-house
chef ’s kitchen.

You can rejuvenate at the yoga and open-air massage rooms or try your hand at Badminton, Croquet, Table-Tennis or board games. You can also range over the town and temples outside or set for a local village visit or a nature walk. Beach lovers can either trek down to the beach at walking distance or explore the secret beaches (Paradise Beach and Om Beach) nearby on a boat or a kayak.

How to reach: There are a number of ways to arrive at the villa.

By Air: Nearest airports are Goa, Hubbali, Mangalore and Bangalore. You can also try a scenic helicopter ride that gets you straight to the property.

By Road: Nearest city is Panjim in Goa and the other cities at driving distance are Mangalore and Bangalore.

By Rail: Direct trains are available from most of the major southern cities and gets you into the Gokarna town from where you can drive down to the villa.