What led to the creation of your brand?
I was reading the Bible when I happened to stumble upon the name Thorkal — a lady who stitched clothes for kings and queens. This was the image I wanted for the brand, that whoever comes through my doors will be treated like royalty. I still keep my standards to that level, both in terms of hospitality and customer service.

The market is filled with designers — what makes your brand stand out?
We provide customers the freewill to customize their attire to their liking and taste. We do this with the utmost adherence to the preference of the customer so they feel as if they are in the very room stitching their dresses themselves. We even have the option of customising sarees.

Is Chennai ready for a fashion renaissance?
I am happy to see people’s fashion choices these days. They are more specific in what they want and everyone has their own style. This is exactly why Thorkal Couture focuses more on customization. According to me this shift is by itself a great indicator that Chennai has already entered a fashion renaissance.

Will you expand your brand into menswear too?
I certainly have an idea and yes, Thorkal will soon cater to kings as well.

If you had to describe your personal idea of fashion — what would you say?
My personal sense of fashion is a blend of traditional and modern with a pinch of creativity. I have achieved this look with a lot of my clients and have set it as a trademark for all my big and innovative projects. I treasure my fashion sense as it defines me as a fashion designer and gives me a personal flair that nobody else can replicate.