Bringing in Kerala’s rich heritage and culture, Caraway Kitchen at Conrad Bengaluru is curating an Onam Sadhya filled with scrumptious and flavourful recipes. The experiential Thali can too be delivered to your doorstep and enjoyed at the comfort of your own home. Conrad Bengaluru seeks to depict Kerala’s vibrant culture and cuisine through a vegetarian Sadhya that will be served on a banana leaf. Traditional dishes include Avial- mixture of vegetables cooked with coconut and yogurt, Ulli Theeyal -Shallots with coconut, coriander and fenugreek, Erussery – Pumpkin and red beans cooked with coconut to name a few. With delectable sides such as Sambar and Parippu curry, accompanied with Steamed Rice, Curd, Banana Chips and Upperi. Ending your meal on a sweet note with Ada Pradhaman which is made with flattened rice, jaggery and coconut milk custard, served along with beverages such Nanari Sherbat and Panakam.

Enjoy a traditional lunch experience at Caraway Kitchen highlighting Kerala’s cuisine and culture at INR 1400. Caraway Kitchen is all set for takeaways, making your festive day extremely special with your loved ones.