The New Year calls for new resolutions. And according to a new ComRes poll, the top four most common NY resolutions included the decisions to: exercise more, lose weight, eat healthier, and have an active approach to health.

Today, everyone wants to stay fit and strong in some way. Over the last couple of years, there has been an increasing awareness about the importance of incorporating fitness into our lifestyles. Anyone who works out in a gym, a group class or even at home is proficient enough to question and discuss topics like working muscle groups and even supplementation. It’s a very healthy environment when everyone wants to stay fit and strong in some way.

A resolution, however, has a short life span and in some cases, ends even before it begins. We all want our resolutions to work — but how? Let’s look at some sure shot ways.

Setting realistic goals
The best way to start a new year or even a new day is to forget the past and start afresh. It gives you a sense of newness and fresh responsibility. Fitness is an integral part of healthy living. So how do you ensure that your goal is sustained for a long period of time?

Choose a goal that is achievable and spans a short period of time.

“I want to lose 12kgs in 3 months,” maybe a little too farfetched. Losing fat is personal and it depends on a whole lot of factors such as your current health condition, lifestyle, habits, age (since your metabolism slows as you age), and such. So how do you make this an attainable goal? Talk to your trainer and follow the steps suggested before you jump in to making an unreal plan.
Your body may respond in a way that you never imagined. So give yourself some time and keep working on your short-term goal.

Do what you love
We’re totally spoilt for choices in terms of fitness these days. There are hundreds of gyms offering services that cater to a wide range of audiences. There are also specialized studios and classes that target people with specific interests.

“I love dancing.”
“I love to lift heavy and improve my absolute strength.”
“Am looking at improving my endurance.”
You could be any one of this or more. All you need to do is figure out your area of interest.

You can choose gyms, which are usually the most accessible and affordable, if you like solitary workouts. Or, if you’re already into fitness, you can go one step further — try strength training, power lifting, gymnastics, metabolic conditioning or even combat training.

Check the box for options that are gaining popularity in India.

Give yourself some time:
Once you start a regimen, don’t panic about the results. Honestly, it does take a while for your body to react. Meanwhile, don’t keep jumping gyms or moving from one modality to another complaining about the time required for results. Give yourself at least three months before you decide if it’s working.

Don’t get discouraged:
Each one’s results, and the time it takes to show may vary. So don’t get discouraged, don’t compare with another; just keep going consistently and keep working sincerely. Results may differ, but results will show!

Motivation comes
from within
The hardest part is staying motivated. Weekend parties, family gatherings, new eat-outs are all tempting, but if you want to congratulate yourself for the hard work you put in for workouts, then do it by refraining from going off-track. They say that motivation is usually internal and rarely external. However, if you have a good buddy system that supports your goal, nothing like it.

Once you see results, there’s no turning back. Once you see your body change for good, you’ll be super focused and go for the goal. Here’s to an amazing New Year and a new you!



A combination of weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning, it takes a while to learn the skills before you start off with the workouts. Crossfit is also highly-scaleable, so it is for all age groups and people of all fitness levels.


An intense core workout, this form focuses on mind-body coordination with balance, control, precision, and alignment. Like Yoga, Pilates is a process and consistency is crucial.


This indoor cycling on stationary bikes is another popular form of exclusive cardio. You can find short instructor-driven sessions that are fun and intense.



For those who love taking on an opponent, combat is a great option — choose from mixed martial arts, kalari, krav maga, or even specific forms like karate, judo, taekwondo, kick boxing, boxing and such. Stay fit, and learn to protect yourself.


AquaZumba, as the name suggests, is Zumba in the pool. It is a non-impact and safe method, even for those who are rehabbing from knee issues. Otherwise, Zumba is great to burn calories the fun way. There’s a lot of camaraderie, energy, and enthusiasm when it comes to fast movements. If you love cardio, then this could be a great option!

You could choose to do anything you love — there are more options than those mentioned above. You could even try sports. Do not limit yourself — leap out, and try what works for you.
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