1. What ensues being a good influencer in a city like Bangalore?
Being a good influencer is solely driven by the following — discipline, dedication and being true to oneself. Whether you like or dislike someone or something, you have to be very well informed and aware of what’s happening in and around the world. Giving the audience a variety is the key to being a good influencer, because they are always hungry to see and learn new things. Being an influencer is not a fashion statement, it is an actual job which takes a lot of time, effort and understanding.

2. Is the term ‘socialite’ something you identify with? What would you prefer calling yourself?
I do consider myself as a socialite but I prefer the term blogger more.

3. As a cultural ambassador of the city of Bangalore, what do you think are the city’s USPs?
The vibe, the people and the laidback lifestyle are the city’s USPs.

4. Where do you enjoy hanging out/partying at in the city?
I love a bit of both. Ideally, I like to hang out with a selected few people, I like to laze around and chill. I love doing sushi dates and the spots that I pick are Youmee, Shiro and Kazé. Once in a while I like to dance away the night and then I prefer Shiro or Sanchez.

5. How do you use your popularity for a greater cause and what are the issues in the city that you think need immediate attention?
I’m a person who promotes brands only when it resonates with my personality. I strictly don’t talk about controversial topics and I always give out an honest review. In numerous ways I can and have used my credentials to help people from something as simple as returning someone’s lost ID card to something as big as saving one life. The issues in the city which need immediate attention are mainly women’s safety, better infrastructure and I really hope people improve their traffic sense.

6. A little bit about you that nobody knows…
I’m a very positive person who sees the good in everything. I also believe in vibes and energies. I feel energy talks in volumes more than any action could ever.

7. How has Bangalore changed over the years — in terms of the social scene?
Bangalore has always been in the limelight in the social front. It’s just that the blogging industry has been a game changer over the last couple of years which has impacted social settings on another level.

8. What do you do when you aren’t being an influencer?
When I’m not being an influencer, I indulge myself in learning a new skill, creating content, model for brands, catch up on some reading, Netflix and enjoy my me time.