1. What ensues being a good influencer in a city like Chennai?
It’s a small set of people. Everyone knows everyone here. Which is great. I am not an influencer. But yes if you want to send a message across to this set of people it’s very simple. But am not sure if knowing people is influencing people.

2. Is the term ‘socialite’ something you identify with? What would you prefer calling yourself?
Definitely not a socialite. Somehow I find the term very frivolous. And makes you look like you have nothing else to do but hang around in parties. I am a first generation entrepreneur who is still working very hard to establish what I have set to achieve. I would call myself an entrepreneur. The term defines me the most.

3. As a cultural ambassador of the city of Chennai, what do you think are the city’s USPs?
It’s people. Very warm. Genuine. No pretense. You build long term relationships here. Most new people who move into the city, first crib for a few months but when they leave, they just don’t have the heart to leave this city. Example is a very dear friend of mine, Bharat Joshi, who was the British Deputy High commissioner based here. We also miss him and his
family a lot.

4. Where do you enjoy hanging out/partying at in the city?
Radio Room, Chamiers Café, Brew Room, Lord of the Drinks, Off the Record, Bay 146… all these places make you feel at home.

5. How do you use your popularity for a greater cause and what are the issues in the city that you think need immediate attention?
I honestly don’t think I am that popular or influential. Many people I know are surely both. We need to focus on essentials like keeping the city clean and green. Working on our traffic woes — trying to influence people to use more public transport, put more effort into conserving the amazing heritage buildings and architecture we have and also make our city more tourist-friendly. We have a great legacy as a city but we aren’t marketing ourselves well.

6. A little bit about you that nobody knows…
I maybe seen a lot outside and as socially active in the party scene but I hang out with only my specific set of friends all the time. I am very particular about that.

7. How has Chennai changed over the years — in terms of the social scene?
The city has changed a lot. It was a much smaller city when it came to people knowing each other. Now it’s a lot bigger. More people from the outside moving in maybe. More cosmopolitan.

8. What do you do when you aren’t being an influencer?
Like I said, I am not an influencer. If I do become one, I would surely like to influence young people in a good way. So what I am doing right now is working on building my brands with a strong philosophy and value system.