Stay in vogue with these 21st-century fashion tips for the millennial generation. Try these niche trends and stay confident this season. Fashion is not just about trendy clothes. It’s more about the thoughts that you put in to create a versatile look. Monsoon is here, making room for you to upgrade your closet to a rain-proof and sweat-proof wardrobe. If you’re trying to find ways to stay stylish and rejuvenate your wardrobe this rainy season, then these tips will be handy to set your own trends and let the crowd follow you!

Here are some rain-proof styling tips to keep it simple and stylish in the month of monsoon while leaving a mark behind! Whether you’re attending a weekend gathering, going on a date or wish to rock yet another day at work or college, these tips are here to save the day and make you slay.

1. Invest in bomber jackets:
Made from polyester fabric- these are a valuable addition to your wardrobe. The best water-resistant material to protect you from the rain while offering great styling options that give you enough room for layer dressing.

2. Add some cottons and linens:
In order to tackle the humidity and sweat patches through the day, it is significant to sweat-proof your wardrobe during monsoon. Choose light, breezy shirts with light-tone prints to keep it functional and fashionable!

3. White is Right:
We all have grown up hearing, “White is not a colour for monsoon”. While this saying goes true for the trousers, it’s not true for the uppers. You can consider wearing light coloured shirts or short kurtas with dark-coloured trousers.

4. Build your attire around shorts:
Unarguably, there is no better investment than a good pair of shorts. Being a monsoon staple for every guy, cotton or denim shorts are the best pieces to spend your money on, this season.

5. Smart Casual and Comfortable Co-ord sets:
Welcome some comfortable Co-ord sets in your monsoon wardrobe along with a pop of neons that can be worn anywhere, from a date to the gym. Especially, opt to wear neons if you’re going through a rough patch. These are known to be the best picks to instantly pep up your mood during the gloomy monsoon season.

6. Don’t stress it enough!
Treat to the eyes becomes a hundred times more effective along with a treat to the nose. Picking a good perfume is an art of expression! It is very important that you choose a fragrance that defines you well.

Dressing up can fix any season. So, don’t let the rain dampen your style this monsoon! Put on your best water proof shoes and step out in style.

—By Siddharth R Dungarwal, Founder, Snitch.