It’s her wedding day and all eyes are on the bride. The wedding day is the biggest day in the life of a woman (at least to most women) and thus it has to be nothing less than perfect. We at Aestiq help every bride achieve the natural glow and radiance (they so crave for) by providing them with the best skincare services. This is a small preview to our process to perfect skin. If you are a bride and you are wondering about the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of skincare… here are a few tips from us to you.

If you have got 6 to 3 months left for your big day, your basic requirements would be brightening, pigmentation, tightening and as well as face sculpting. We undertake medi-facials which involve an exfoliation process followed by oxy-peels and black-head extraction. Amidst all the wedding rush and lack of sleep, the dark circles beneath your eyes must leave you astounded. Our derma fillers service will make you get rid of hollow eyes and eye bags due to stress and lack of sleep.

Along with these services, you must also follow a healthy skin routine which encompasses mild cleansing of face followed by exfoliators. Hydration is the key to flawless glowing skin and coupled with vitamins like Vitamin C and some protection sunscreen should help retain the skin quality on a daily basis.

Three points to strictly follow:
1. Do not take advice from relatives and friends regarding the use of home remedies or medicines they have consumed in the past. The reactions such methods might have on your skin can ruin the whole function.

2. Do not risk the attempt to wax or bleach if you have never done it before. Wedding time is not the right time to experiment with first times.

3. Stick to a routine that you are comfortable with and follow it judiciously.

It is necessary to visit a clinic as soon as possible rather than waiting till the last minute. This is because any skin treatment will take up some amount of time to ensure optimum results. They can assess your complexion’s current state way better than you and your trusty magnifying mirror. They can also help you devise a strategy for achieving your dream-skin goals. In most cases, acne gets a lot worse before it gets better during the treatment period. Thus, hang on there and follow the treatment as prescribed. It is sure to work slowly but effectively.

A wedding date gives you a deadline, and forces you to start making a move. The weeks before marriage are the most hectic and busy times. Indian weddings in particular have a large number of events before and even after the actual day of the wedding. Thus is it necessary that you stay in touch with your doctor through this period in case of any break outs or any other issue. The clock is ticking and it’s time to start checking things off your wedding beauty plan leading up to the big day.

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, there’s no end to the beauty bummers headed your way if you don’t get your wedding-planning stress under control. Many inflammatory conditions like psoriasis and keratosis pilaris may be partially caused by stress. Stress weakens the immune system and the chronic inflammation worsens. Excess anxiety can also disrupt your sleep, which in turn can lead to a gray and un-bridal complexion. Personal healthcare and safety is needed for a glowing radiant look.

Getting a relieving massage frequently for few weeks before the big day is advisable. The stress caused by relatives, friends, family and all preparations combined with the stress of the wedding as a whole might induce you to take up smoking or drinking. We advise against the indulgence in any such activities as it makes your skin shallow and puffy. Adequate sleep hours are of prime importance along with the hydration of the body. Do what you can to chill out, whether that means hitting a yoga class after work or guided meditation.

Body weight also plays a major role in a bride’s big day. 80% of her body image is determined by the diet she follows and only 20% depends upon workout schedules. Along with overcoming pockets of stubborn fat areas, double chin or love handles, the care of a bride’s hair is also of utmost importance. Crack your own whip, by designing a solid game plan — exercise and diet. Follow strategies on your own or take advice of a professional trainer. You’ll build habits that last through your honeymoon and beyond.

A complete health checkup regarding iron, thyroid and other such levels are to be checked in order to analyse the underlying causes for various skin care problems. It will help the doctor understand better regarding what medication and treatment would be the best suited for your skin and body type.

Your big day is indeed important to you and even to us. Head over to the clinic today to be scanned for all your problems and be provided with A-class treatment and solutions for the same. Let us not compromise on the wedding day and make it as big and flawless as we can. Together, we can achieve radiance and the glow your partner is looking for.

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