This Italian leggy lass has been making news in Bollywood ever since she was spotted with Arbaaz Khan at an awards ceremony. Giorgia Andriani who spent her childhood in London and Milan, made her Bollywood debut in 2017 with the film Guest in London. Later in 2019, she appeared in the television series “Karoline Kamakshi.” After that she began receiving many offers and acted in movies like Welcome to Bajrangpur and Sridevi Bungalow. She also appeared in the music video for Shehbaz Badesha: Little Star that went viral, besides being a part of several brand endorsements. Giorgia has just shot for a song in a Kannada film called Martin, with Dhruva Sarja, directed by Imran Sardarya and is seeing a few good projects coming her way.

How would you like to describe your fashion statement??
I am a very moody person, and as my moods, my fashion varies accordingly. From elegant to baggy, my constant is feeling good in whatever I’m wearing

Your fitness and beauty regime?
I work out every day and practice a variety of physical activities so I don’t get bored. From gymming to playing tennis to different forms of dancing, and mixed martial arts, and recently started horse riding. I like to have fun while burning calories. For beauty, I think every woman should have a signature look. Mine is doing light makeup, and sticking to beauty routines like applying castor oil on the eyes at night as well as moisturizing and applying sunblock every day.

Have you watched any South Indian movies? Are any South Indian projects tutors looking at or have been approached for?
I have watched a couple of South films and my all-time South favourite is Arjun Reddy.

What are the projects you’re working on currently? What are your plans?
I am not planning to act at the moment, so I won’t reply to acting-related questions. At the moment, I am enjoying doing songs as I like dancing more than anything else.

Your dream role?
I have just shot for a song in a Kannada film called Martin, with Dhruva Sarja, directed by Imran Sardarya. I definitely will work again in the South; it’s a great vibe.

Your pet peeve?
My pet peeve is when people chew their food with their mouth open and the sound of paper being scrunched up

Some essentials that are always in your bag?
Notebook, lip balm, AirPods, hairbrush.

Yoga or gym?
Both, but I gym more than do yoga.

Indian food or global cuisine?
It depends upon my mood, I generally have a diet that includes healthy superfoods, with both local and global ingredients; however once in a while, I love indulging in an Indian heavier meal, especially when I come back home after a long holiday.

Beaches or hills?

Favourite holiday destination?
Italy and south of France.

Veg or nonveg?
I’m a pescatarian, alternatively veg.

Fame or money?
Happiness with whatever comes my way.

Indian wear or Western wear?

Straight hair or curls?

The last good film/web series you watched?
John wick 4.

A movie you’d recommend?
Life is beautiful.

First thing you notice about a person?
Their demeanor and their shoes.

One thing that makes you feel beautiful?
A good hair and skin day.

Are you a late-night or an early morning person?
I used to be a late-night person but been an early riser for a while now.

What does social media mean to you?
Connection with the people who follow me. It is like an extension of myself, where people get a little glimpse of what my life looks like.

How would you define love?
I would define romantic love as a value-added up to your life, a space where you feel loved and nurtured.

The top three things you’re looking for in a life partner?
Honesty, Loyalty and Connection.

Most treasured childhood memory?
My most treasured childhood memory is the time spent with my grandparents. My grandad was the most fun loving person I knew, he loved to dance and would take me along with him to the dance club he was part of.