At no time before in our lifetime have we come across a situation wherein our dominant senses of perception and understanding have been forced to take a back seat.

#covid taking center stage and the events that unfolded thereafter have dramatically altered the way the world works, highlighting the new #limitations (#shortfalls?) of human interaction and experience. This new scenario that is playing out affects both our personal and professional lives.
To bring forth some insight let me start with this influence on our professional sphere followed by the one on our personal space.

The key tools that we used so effectively over millennia of evolution have been the ability to read body language, facial expressions, smell, etc., apart from spoken language, to guide us through a conversation, a sales pitch, a proposal… BUT today we are left with just LISTENING: The single decisive factor (with the vast majority of the critical work force and decision makers working from remote locations). Thus bringing to the fore the need to listen deeply to understand; to be able to take decisions that would best serve the organization’s interest.

In the personal space it is still as relevant (if not more so), with work from home being the new norm and personal and work space overlapping.
Some key takeaways that could enhance our life experience would be if:

1. We listen to understand, an impossible task if one were to be listening to the conversations running parallel in our head.

2. We care to listen deeper today, to understand not just what is being said but also what is not.

3. We mirror the conversation to find clarity and understanding before we respond.

4. We allow the person to speak until they are finished, and respond if need be with compassion.

5. We can be present in the moment, acknowledging the conversation as we being spoken to.

6. We disengage from multitasking and keep other distractions like electronic gadgets at bay.

EPICTETUS once said:
Something which most of us until recently took lightly, but it is time we take it seriously in order to experience better and more meaningful relationships.

In today’s times it’s probably worth believing that “WE HAVE FOUR EARS AND ONE MOUTH SO WE LISTEN FOUR FOLD AS MUCH AS WE SPEAK.”

– By Ajith Anirudhan, Certified – Life Empowerment Coach, CCA / ICF