As a boy from Coorg, how difficult was it to break into acting in Mumbai?
The world for an actor is anyway a difficult one. Even if I would have been from any metropolitan city, I would have faced the same hardships. And honestly I am proud that I am from Coorg because the culture there has made me what I am today.

Is there a lot of scope of work for someone from South India in Mumbai? Does language play a huge role?
Yes, there is a lot of scope for talented people in Mumbai and the industry welcomes you if you have that magic in you. Language does play a very important role and being from the South we need to work really hard to get the right accent. And then once you’ve perfected that then there is no looking back.

Are you planning to get into movies anytime soon? And why have you chosen to work in Mumbai and not the South Indian industries?
Yes, after almost a decade in the industry, I finally feel I am ready to get into movies. I am in Mumbai because it is the city of dreams and work is easier to find here. But my heart is always down South and I am ready to work in any South Indian film. I’m keeping my options open.

How has a background in theatre helped you find your way in the industry?
Theatre polishes you and gets you ready to face the camera. I love the form, as it is true and tells you pretty brashly whether you will shine as an actor or not. Acting school can teach you the craft of movies, but theatre kind of prepares you for everything and more.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I am a person who lives in the moment, but then yes, five years down the line I want to be known as an amazing artiste and a successful entrepreneur.