The 296 GTS is the first Ferrari road-going spider to sport a V6 turbo with a vee and is also a plug-in hybrid. Hence, the 296 GTS is the start of a new era for Ferrari but as our driving experience revealed, it is still pure Ferrari in terms of feel or sound. The GTS is the roofless version of the GTB coupe but with the roof closed you can hardly make out the difference.

The 296 GTS gets a Retractable Hard Top roof and you can lower it in just 14 seconds while you can do so on the move up-to 45 km/h. This is helpful when it suddenly rains, a mere flick of a button can transform the GTS while having curious onlookers all over the car. A red Ferrari is the characteristic supercar that makes everyone stop on their tracks. One with no roof stops traffic entirely as we saw.

We will not blame them as the GTS looks stunning- top up or down. Ferrari has maintained the lines of the GTB with a link to the past as well as looking into the future. It is low and beautifully designed with sensuous lines. Roof down, it is even better looking and has near perfect proportions. However, not all is just based on exterior design as aerodynamics also play a huge part.

Like the GTB, the 296 GTS has an ‘aero bridge’ which is literally a work of art. Get in and you are blown away by the design or the focus on pure driving. There is no large screen to distract you as instead everything is laid out for the driver. The steering wheel is laid out with loads of controls but it is easy to use once you get used to it. In the 296 GTS, the driver is the centre of the attention and everything is built around that. You then press the start button on the steering and flick the paddle, then silence….

Yes, the 296 GTS starts nonchalantly and potters around in complete silence. The perks of being a plug-in hybrid shows here as you drive in electric mode at the start. This helps to cruise around silently and that shows how the supercar has transformed. Hence, the 296 GTS is a combination of a turbo-charged V6 and an electric motor. Total power is upwards of 800bhp and the combination of petrol plus electric is savage. Acceleration is intense but when you want it to.

At low speeds the 296 GTS is surprisingly easy to drive with compact dimensions and a surprisingly plaint ride. You also do not need to get into anxiety every time a speed breaker shows up as the ground clearance is pretty good. You can also lift the car to clear the big ones. The steering is light and you enjoy driving it top-down at low speeds. However, if you press the throttle hard and in the sportier modes, the engine roars in and then you are literally given a sound unlike any other. The 296 GTS is loud and fast with a V12 like sound which embeds into your brain. Honestly, you do not need an audio system here…

Despite having so much power, the 296 GTS gets a plethora of controls which reigns in the power and gives you the enjoyment but with a safety net. You can explore its dynamics limits but with caution, of course it goes without saying that a racetrack is probably the best place for this. That said, on the road, the 296 GTS provides ample thrills with the roof down at low speeds as you do not need to go very fast to enjoy it with the limitless sky and that engine roar that accompanies you. Priced at Rs 6.4 cr, the 296 GTS is a pure expression of what Ferrari stands for but also along with a sprinkling of environmental consciousness.


Quattroporte’ is Italian for four doors and that is enough to tell what this car is about as it is one of the most stylish cars ever made. In the luxury sedan world, it is all about brute performance or power but the Maserati Quattroporte does all of that with more style. The Quattroporte at heart is a large luxury sedan but drives like a sportscar with its fabulous V6. However, the Maserati experience begins with the looks as it bowls you over with its seductive styling. It is a luxury sedan but it is not upright or too boxy as it is slender, curvaceous, and dripping with stunning detail.

The Maserati logo and the grille itself are quite different while the swoopy lines are also unlike any other luxury sedan. It is all about style and panache here. It is a long car but the Quattroporte hides its bulk very well and looks more svelte than its rivals. Inside, it comes with a leather lined interior but has a design which is classy with not loads of technology. It has all the usual bells and whistles but the dials and the design are crafted with passion while not overflowing with complexity. It does not get the huge amounts of features as seen on rivals but it does envelop you with style unlike anything else. Space is also there in the Quattroporte and you can stretch out too.

That said, you would like to be on the driver’s seat. The V6 comes to life and sounds like an exotic sports car here. The large metal paddles are beautiful to behold. This is a luxury car that you enjoy yourself behind the wheel and not be driven around. The engine has huge performance and it goes along with a sound which is like a supercar. In Sport, it is properly quick and flows around corners. It does not float around like rivals and feels more connected which is very cool indeed.

With 350 horsepower, you sky rocketed to 100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds but how you get there matters here. This is a 5.3-metre-long car but behaves like some sports car which is very Maserati. This Italian brand does things differently and the Quattroporte is for someone who wants a stylish limousine and would not mind driving themselves to work or on the weekends. Style, it seems matters a lot and the Quattroporte is as cool as cars can get.