A stimulating environment at home contributed to my interest in the arts:
Growing up, Vasuki Vaibhav was more often than not, surrounded by talks of films, music, costumes and theatre. And why not? His late father Jayaram was a well-known theatre person himself and so is his uncle Nagabharana, the veteran filmmmaker, not to forget, cousin and director Pannaga Bharana. “Obviously, it was a colourful world and as a child, it is tough for one one to not be fascinated by it all,” shares the youngster. Always active on the theatre circuit, Vasuki’s team has even won the best team at the state-level theatre fest in Class 10. “By the time I was in 2nd PU, I was already working as an assistant director and had stints with music directors like K Kalyan, Anoop Seelin and Manohar. When I came to college, I was extremely involved in cultural and I didn’t remember attending a single class. But my teachers were fond of me and since I was also good at academics, everyone was supportive of my pursuits,” recalls the Filmfare award winner.

Destiny’s child: when things came together to put him where he belongs.
Vasuki’s work in theatre fetched him friends for life including Satya (director) and Dhananjaya and Nagabhushan (actors). “My father meanwhile was insistent that I get a double degree before I pursue a full-fledged career in the arts and I got another degree in journalism. I was not the type to do an MBA. Also, I wrote the lyrics for Vasundhara, a film directed by my uncle Naga Bharana, following which I also landed my first film as music composer in Satya’s Rama Rama Re. The music was highly appreciated and I was over the moon. But I always believe in one thing: it was not me who chose the arts; I was already chosen by it,” smiles Vasuki who also worked as a teacher of theatre at an international school for two years. Vasuki was then once again in the limelight for his soulful music in Rishab Shetty’s superhit flick Sarakari Hiriya Prathamika Shaale. And then he was off to Bigg Boss where the music composer garnered a lot of fans as they could finally put a face to the voice they had always heard.

Hitting the high note:
Having rendered many hit songs including in films like Mundina Nildana, Kirik Party, French Biryani, Hero, Ninna Sanihake and Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana, Vasuki has now scored music for the commercial entertainer Badava Rascal. So how does a music composer known for his melodies, work on out-and-out mass tracks for a film like Badava Rascal. “I’ve grown up watching movies like Padaiyappa that are high on commercial value. And with movies like Sarakari or Rama Rama are, you can’t have thapanguchi numbers. Badava Rascal gave me the scope to do that and I’m glad all the songs are hits. I enjoyed this as much as I enjoy working on soulful tracks,” confesses Vasuki. Going forth, the music director who will also be seen in a role in Sudeep’s upcoming Vikrant Rona, wants to also promote independent music. “I already have a band of 16 members and want to keep holding live gigs and take music out to every nook and corner of Karnataka. That’s my dream,” sums up Vasuki.