From the very first breath we entwined in the goals to reach, some set by us and some by the people around us, from the very first breath. The endless pursuit and strife set to roll from day one towards a futuristic glory that we see not till the end of the road. Are we in the journey missing the whole point? Because the acknowledgement seems to always be in the next place somewhere in the future, making the journey seem endless; it’s about the standing when we have to sit; it’s about the walking when we have to stand; it’s about the running when we have to walk; it’s about the college when we are in school and so on and so forth to employment, marriage, success… Turning life into a wild goose chase for it offers nothing to celebrate IN THE NOW.

So, STOP waiting to be at a certain place, look a certain way, be with a certain person, be rich, be successful, have a dream house, a dream life. Wake up and acknowledge that we are solely responsible for this life and its experiences within. As the writer Khalil Gibran once said: “Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream.” Clearly narrowing it all down to today. With the goal or a destination being nothing more than a direction one moves towards, and it’s the journey towards that facilitates human transformation at levels both physical and mental; it’s who you become in the process that will matter.

So, embrace the present moment in its entirety; savour every experience, every sensation, every interaction; become attuned to every small miracle and possibility that surrounds us, for that’s what life is all about. Whilst at it, take the opportunity to build and heal relationships, new and old, that surround you, and make peace with that which cannot be fixed. Slow down each day to appreciate being alive, acknowledge each breath of life, count a few heartbeats, fell the sunlight and breeze against your skin, smile at the laughter you still share with your loved ones, feel the immense opportunity of life, allow yourself to be engulfed in a sense of contentment, gratitude and joy, for it’s yours to have.

Don’t rush through life, “live it like there is no tomorrow” IN THE NOW, as the future you seek or the one that’s in the making will surely meet you someday IN THE NOW.

I leave you with a quote by Robert Kiyosaki: “Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.”
Make sure it’s worth it when you get there.

Ajith Anirudhan
Life Empowerment Coach
Keynote Speaker
ACC™ | CCA – International Coaching Federation (USA)