With the festival of lights soon approaching, let’s pledge to seek and nurture the light within, whilst celebrating the light that surrounds us, as this shows you all that is there. It’s the light within that helps you pick what matters most.

Life in continuum is going to be for all of us with no exceptions, most of which are beyond our control. It offers or offered nothing on a platter in the years gone by or that which awaits, whilst we endure our share we evolve and grow, to be resilient in time or simply decimated to the oblivion by choice.

An anonymous quote that triggered a flow of though that fits the purpose of life and this article was that “I am yet to meet a man who is willing to swap his destiny with that of yours if he knew all that you had to endure to get here”. So embrace your reality for what it is; does not matter if it is small or big as it’s yours to own and your fortune to keep and flourish with.

To be mindful one will need to shine light on things that matter and that which is within our reach to help transform, and here are a few things you might want to consider in your journey ahead…

Let’s consider simply being grateful for being alive and breathing, having the strength to move and be able to do the mundane things, to enjoy a meal without an afterthought, for the people in our lives and the love that we still have.

Let’sconsider a shift in approach from “I have to do” to “I get to do”, focusing on us being empowered and able to complete a task.

Let’s consider bringing our focus on what went right rather than wrong; surely this will reinforce our belief in self and our willingness to embrace failures and try again.

Let’s consider not blaming ourselves for everything that went wrong, for we are just a part of the bigger picture at play, and there are factors beyond our control which have to align for the outcome. Embrace and re-engage, for this time around you start not at the same place but with a new learning.

Let’s consider responding and not reacting, and in times that trigger, disengage and take a time out, for you get the opportunity to recompose and respond having done due diligence.

Let’s consider taking responsibility for the outcome be it good or bad, for you are a participant who had the right to engage, disengage or change the path but at some point, failed to do so. Own the outcome and retain the power with you.
Let’s consider living in the now, acting in the now, changing in the now, choosing better in the now, committing in the now, making amends in the now, apologies in the now for now is all we have to pave the future. The power to change and the light that you seek is in the now.

Last but not the least, let’s consider being kind to ourselves, like one could hear Wentworth Miller of “The Prison Break” fame say in an interview: “If I were to treat any other when I fail, the way I treat myself, I will surely have no friends left”.

“They say when it rains look for rainbows, and in the dark look for the stars; choose your perspective right and in that choice, you will find the light and if you still find yourself in the dark, consider the possibility that you are the source of the light you seek”.

Happy Deepawali…

Ajith Anirudhan
Personal Empowerment Coach
Health & Wellness– ICF (USA)
TEDx Speaker| Author & PublicSpeaker