Aaliya and Nawazuddin Siddiqui have been in the news for all the wrong reasons but this time they won our hearts when they posted a message on Daughter’s Day wishing their daughter Shora.
Aaliya Siddiqui also penned a heartwarming note for her daughter Shora, “Your BEAUTIFUL Smile Makes All The Worries DISAPPEAR. You are My Sunshine That Brightens My Day. And Your Good HEART Is How I Know You Will Also Be Truly Loved. I am So Proud To Call You My DAUGHTER. Daughters are Angels Sent From Above To Fill Our Heart With Unending Love”. HAPPYY DAUGHTERS DAY to my Love. #Shora. Nawazuddin followed suit and also shared Shora’s picture with an adorable caption – “There is nothing more precious than your smile, Happiest Daughters’ Day, Shora,”
Provoke Lifestyle Magazine caught up with Aaliya Siddiqui to know more on her movie Holy Cow, what really ensued between the couple and how they decided to get back together for their family.

1. Where did you study? What was your dream career in those days?
I have completed my education at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. I often dreamed of participating in Olympics as I was active in sports and won many medals at National level. I wanted to do something in sports, but life had some other plans for me.

2. What have been some of the highpoints of your journey?
The movie ‘Holy Cow’ was the highpoint of my life. As this is my debut movie. Thinking about the film and working for the same was very exciting and happiest point of my life.

3. How did you and Nawazuddin meet?
I met Nawaz at his brother’s (Shamaz Uddin Siddiqui) home, who was Assistant in my film at that time. He invited me to his place, where I met Nawaz for the first time.

4. How tough was it for you when things went wrong between you and Nawazuddin?
Divorce happens sometimes when things go awry and there are differences in thoughts and personalities. It happens when you do not want to see each other. It becomes necessary to take action for the sake of kids and their future and you have to be mentally strong.
Divorce shouldn’t break your spirit. You should keep going even if you’ve parted ways with the one you thought was your world. Move on, and don’t dwell on it. It’s not the end of the world.

5. What kept you going and how did you emerge strong?
There is nothing called tough situation in life. Everyone experiences adversities. Everyone has faced tough time at certain point of time atleast once. Our work is to handle those circumstances. I have always focussed on my work, family, kids and stayed strong throughout. I have never let stress affect my life.

6. How did you both reconcile?
It becomes necessary to take action for the sake of kids and their future and we have to ignore many things. Today Nawaz and me are very good friends with each other and we will be in the future as well. Although, we do not have a good husband and wife relationship, but we are very good parents.

7. Tell us about the making of your debut film Holy Cow? Please recall some interesting incidents as well.
Holy Cow taught me a lot which I was unaware about and I’m glad I have learned all that as a producer. It was a great learning with a great experience. I’m so thankful that everything went smooth.

8. How did the idea of making a film on the life of the Padma Vibhushan winning folk singer Teejan Bai come about?
Despite being from a small town/ cities/ districts, women like Teejan Bai inspire us through their talent. They don’t let anything deter them from living their dream. I salute such women.
I was intrigued by Teejan Bai’s song, when I heard it for the first time on Coke Studio, during a get together with friends. Her voice was mesmerising. I was attracted by her entire personality and history and we eventually decided to make a movie on her. So one fine day we met her and took her permission and rights for the film. She instantly agreed and trusted us to make a film on her life.
She has travelled extensively and received many awards like Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri besides other awards.

9. What are your other passions and hobbies?
I enjoy long drives, and wish to travel the entire world, understand different cultures and meet new people. Apart from that, I love cooking and love to make different cuisines.

10. What are your future plans?
I want to live a life of purpose where I can help those who are in troubled waters and unable to find a way. I wish to lessen their burden and give them a sense of security.