Working out from home can be tricky, which is the best kind of workout for a beginner from home in these COVID-19 times?
Exercising is important for one’s mental and physical health, and is arguably more essential than ever during periods of self-isolation. Even though we are all stuck at home, there are still plenty of exercises you can do without going to the gym or using equipment. Beginners should try out isometric exercises, as it is good for burning extra body fat and is great for your overall health. One of the most popular isometric exercises among athletes is the plank, which is a tough position to maintain. Some other exercises worth trying are wall-sit, glute bridges, yoga, skipping and burpees.

They say working out can keep your mind healthy and away from depression — is there any truth to that?
Exercise can make a big difference once you are motivated. Working out and other forms of physical activity can definitely ease symptoms of depression or anxiety and make you feel better. It is an all-natural treatment to fight depression. Exercising provides many health benefits, such as protecting against heart disease and diabetes, improving sleep, and lowering blood pressure. Exercises aid the bodily release of a number of hormones, all of which participate in aiding and providing a nourishing environment for the growth of brain cells. The improvement in brain function makes you feel better and further helps relieve depression.

What kind of exercises can one do to keep one’s mind healthy and positive?
In general, anything that is good for your heart is great for your mind. Aerobic exercises, like running and swimming, appear to be best for brain health as it increases a person’s heart rate. Strength training like weight lifting is another exercise as it also benefits the brain by increasing heart rate.

Is working out at home better or at the gym in these times?
This pandemic has changed many things, and our perception towards fitness is definitely one of them. While some find it comfortable to workout at home others find gymming the best option. Certainly, it is not an easy choice as both have their pros and cons, however, in these trying times, working out at home is a better option to help stop the spread of the infections. On the other hand, while home workouts give people the freedom to work out at their own will and without time restrictions, it also allows people to be less conscious and able to perform better, with nobody around. This is of course, if you don’t already have a gym in the vicinity that is already following COVID-19 protocols strictly — in which case, it can be a good option.

As a fitness expert, your advice to our readers?
Exercising is one of the best and most important things you can do for your health. Remember to start slowly and build up gradually depending on your stamina. Also always give yourself plenty of time to warm up and cool down with easy walking or gentle stretching. By planning carefully and pacing yourself, you can establish a healthy habit that lasts a lifetime.