Take the first step towards your wellness journey

his is the perfect season to take a vacation with your loved one or your family or better still, your parents who will cherish it more than anything else. And isn’t it even better if your holiday is stress free with dollops of added rejuvenation, relaxation and restoration?

Naad Wellness takes wellness to the next level. The kind of pampering one gets here is top notch. Everyone must experience this wellness retreat atleast once in their lifetime to know exactly why I’m saying this with so much affirmation.

I’ve just returned from one of the best wellness retreats in India called Naad Wellness, all refreshed to take on the world with gusto. I’m always gung ho about sharing new discoveries that I come across and when it comes to wellness, it’s always a noble deed to share the good word, right? So here’s something that everyone can benefit from.

The name, ‘Naad’ comes from the primordial sound that echoes through the universe, the vibration that is believed to have originated with its creation and has been reverberating through our very being ever since. It resonates with the awakening of our spiritual growth, our kundalini and the time when we truly begin to find ourselves. Aligned with this age-old philosophy, Naad Wellness believes that our bodies are like musical instruments which when tuned regularly produce beautiful melodies.

Everything flows like a beautiful rhythm in this haven that spells calmness and serenity, the moment you step in. You’re welcomed with a rudraksh maala as you sip on a health drink surrounded by lush greenery. When you enter your comfortable and cozy rooms, you’re given white kurta pajamas that you can opt to wear for your stay here. These are refreshed with a new pair every morning. The day begins with Oil Pulling, which is basically swirling of coconut oil around your mouth as soon as you wake up. Then you’re given a health drink based on your doctor’s consultation during the time of check in. This is followed by a morning walk and an invigorating yet relaxing yoga session. You can walk down to Ahara, their restaurant after that for a very healthy and nutritious breakfast.

After a bit of leisure time, it’s time to indulge in some customised and personally curated wellness treatments like Abhyanga, Udwarthana, Swedish and Balinese Massages or the Turkish Hammam besides many more that your Ayurvedic doctor recommends. Each of these are a class apart and some of the best I’ve experienced so far. Also try their Himalayan Salt Cave therapy which has many benefits. The evenings are for a meditation session, some swim, or walk in the garden, reflexology track walk, a soulful dinner and a sound sleep. Silence is preferred and it actually works wonders.

The food at Ahara was simple, yet flavourful, delicious and very nutritious. I was thoroughly impressed with the perfect balance of flavours in simple vegetarian dishes that were served with so much love and affection. The detox was very much needed and the best part was that I didn’t miss anything and the variety and freshness of the food kept me satiated. The chef deserves a special mention for keeping each of the guests happy with so many different dishes that are customised differently for every single guest.

This holistic center on the outskirts of Delhi is a large, 39-room property that features an array of curated wellness experiences for holistic development through the ancient principles of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Yoga.

The center features a variety of experiences ranging from a comfortable three nights, and going up to an immersive experience of 28 nights. The wellness experiences include services such as detox and de stress, which are experiential, to medical packages, such as diabetes management to spine care. Revolving around healing the body, Naad’s age old philosophy brings to the fore the belief that our very being is like a musical instrument which when tuned regularly produces beautiful melodies.

With each experience being preceded by a personal consultation with a resident Ayurvedic or Naturopathic physician, every guest is provided with a customised itinerary and customised meals, personalised therapy, yoga, kriyas, and nutrition charts.

They keep up to the promise of healing the body, mind, and spirit from within, addressing the root cause of any imbalance with lasting results. I’m definitely going to be a regular at Naad Wellness everytime I want to take a little break and ignite my feel good hormones.

Naad Wellness is at Naad Marg, Ansal Sushant City, Kundli, Sector 62, Sonipat, Haryana.