It’s like the world has given us another chance. The pandemic brought us to the brink — a lot of us were prepared for the end of the world like scenarios and isolating ourselves from our regular lives, made us sit up and rethink — think about the futility of life and the futility of holding grudges. You Live Only Once (YOLO), so why hold onto a grudge? You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, or even today or even in the next second… and once you realise that you have no control over whatever happens around you, you realise that being angry or cutting-off from people for the smallest of reasons makes no real sense anymore.
The pandemic was almost a soul-saver. It taught us that everything is temporary. And this 2021 and the final availability of the vaccine seems like a second chance. Maybe it’s time we let go of our egos and forgave people for their small trespasses? Maybe we treat ourselves with a little bit more love? Maybe we start focusing on the things that really matter to us and sort out our lives – so we love those who deserve our love and shower affection on those who deserve and clearly crave it?

How about waiting for the first morning of 2021 and taking a stroll outside your house? How about paying attention to the flowers, the trees, the breeze, the stray animals, the neighbours, that friendly neighbourhood watchman, that corner you loved hanging out at once-upon-a-time? How about breathing a little bit more consciously?

How about smiling at people and not avoiding gazes from fear of infection and hatred? Buy that chocolate for the neighbourhood kid, help that old lady cross the road and give that flower to the friend who craves for such symbols of affection.

How about we give ourselves and the world around us a second chance?
Happy New Year, let’s make 2021 count.