The homegrown street wear brand VYBN is gaining popularity among Chennai folks with its comfortable and affordable collection of street wear. The brand name VYBN was coined from the word VIBING and they go with slogan VIBE WITH VYBN. Started in the November of 2021, VYBN is one of the first street wear brands to emerge from South India that is focused on bringing forth the culture of Hip Hop, Arts and Sports and creating a space for the Indian Hip Hop culture in the World.

Having grown up dancing to hip hop music and watching MJ and Chris Brown, Aravind Devar, founder of VYBN who is highly passionate about hip hop culture, says “Hip hop is not only a genre, a form of dance, or a way of dressing. Hip-hop is a way of living and I want the wearer to be able to make his clothing ‘hip-hop’.” His passion for hip hop and aspiration to integrate the spirit of Indian street style to hip hop culture led him to create VYBN when he was only 25 years old. Aravind states that it is difficult to find quality street wear at affordable prices, “When the prices are low, the quality goes down too.” VYBN does its own manufacturing and intends to bring its customers a fusion of luxury style and affordability. The brand takes the slow fashion approach producing good quality garments that will last longer while valuing fair treatment to animals, people and the environment.

VYBN currently homes 24 collections of street wear with chic timeless designs including oversized T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies and crop tops giving you a full range of garment types to work with. The brand also actively supports upcoming artists and sportspersons. They recently sponsored Kaushic Aravind in Khelo games who won Silver in Karate.

The growing business is looking to bring in more talented individuals who share a passion for hip hop and also provide them the means to catapult their knowledge. VYBN values creativity and culture of Arts & Sports. Aravind gives a huge shoutout to all his friends and family for their support in making VYBN a success story. Aravind’s strong bond with hip hop and apprenticeship in the clothing line is sure to make VYBN rise to prominence.

The company plans on expanding their hip hop statement in malls and other cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore once they get a strong foothold in Tamil Nadu. Their true vision is to set up ground in the US, the birth place of Hip Hop.

Their products are currently available on and also on other platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart and Meesho.