Asal Kolaar is a lyrical master and an unstoppable force in Tamil hip-hop and rap, contributing to the throbbing rhythm of the contemporary music scene. With independent anthems like “Jorthaale,” “Adi Odi,” and “Vaanaambaa,” which have reached the top of the charts. His sonic journey is a mesmerizing fusion of raw passion, uninhibited expression, and a compelling stage presence, working effortlessly alongside musical greats like Anirudh, Yuvan Shankar Raja, and Santhosh Narayanan. Notably, his recent rap verse in Leo’s song “Naa Ready” stands out as a testament to his talent and has a devoted following.

Discovering Identity Through Lyrics:
The transition from Vasantha Kumar to Asal Kolaar was a pivotal moment. What began as simple writing experiments ultimately led to the discovery of his innate talent for rapping. But a stage name was essential for his ascent, and thus, Asal Kolaar emerged. This metamorphosis mirrored his evolution as an artist, signifying the birth of a distinct musical persona and authenticity.

Crafting Lyrics:
Central to Asal Kolaar’s creative process is his emphasis on mood. The mood of a song becomes the foundation upon which he constructs his verses. Whether he visualizes the mood first or begins with a beat, the result is a harmonious blend of rhythm and lyrical brilliance.

Ofro, A Catalyst for Transformation:
Ofro, played a vital role in Asal Kolaar’s artistic journey. During a period of self-doubt, Ofro recognized something special within the artist. This revelation marked a turning point, steering Asal Kolaar toward self-discovery and creative authenticity.

Harmonizing with Maestros:
Working with renowned music producers like Yuvan Shankar Raja, Santhosh Narayan, and Anirudh Ravichander has changed Asal Kolaar’s life. These directors have an uncanny ability to spot the talents of artists’ hidden sides. Santhosh Narayanan’s discovery of Asal Kolaar’s distinctive slang provided him with a chance to appear in “Parris Jayaraj” and “Gulu Gulu.” The unexpected call from Yuvan Shankar Raja signalled the start of a happy collaboration that resulted in the iconic “Baby Gurl” music video. Meanwhile, the hit song “Naa Ready” was made possible by Anirudh’s creative briefing.

“Naa Ready,” A Rap Confluence:
The story behind the creation of “Naa Ready” encapsulates the unpredictable nature of artistic inspiration. A call from Anirudh’s office initiated the process, and Asal Kolaar’s response was swift. In a mere 35 minutes, he crafted the rap verse portion, aligning it with Anirudh’s and the director Lokesh Kanagaraj’s visions while infusing his creative essence. The track’s swift composition and subsequent recording demonstrated the magical synergy between artist and composer. The song’s overwhelming response catapulted him from a limited audience to a wider spectrum of listeners. The resonance of the lyrics and the energy of the music expanded his fan base, solidifying his position in the music industry.

Confronting Hatred with Compassion:
Navigating the fame world invariably attracts both praise and criticism. Although Asal Kolaar is no stranger to criticism and hatred , his viewpoint on how to deal with hatred is instructive. He acknowledges that people who express hatred frequently don’t have access to constructive emotional outlets. He is able to maintain his composure and cultivate optimism as a result of this realisation.

Asal Kolaar is an inspiration to aspiring musicians because of his journey from self-discovery to musical mastery. His associations with well-known music directors, original creative methods, and fortitude in the face of difficulties all serve to demonstrate the development of a true artist. Asal Kolaar continues to win hearts and push creative boundaries with each new lyrical masterpiece, inspiring us all with the transformative power of music and authenticity.

Rapid Fire

  1. Have you written a song because of a heartbreak?
    No, I never had a heartbreak.
  2. First rap ever written?
    Asal Kolaar 416.
  3. Future projects?
    A new single is going to be released called ‘Paiya Dai.’
  4. Most played song in your playlist?
    Kadhal Solvathu – Badri.
  5. Early or late-night studio session?
    I work anytime.
  6. Favourite spot in Chennai to find inspiration?
    The beach near my home.
  7. If you weren’t a rapper, what career could you see yourself pursuing?
    A bank job.
  8. Studio recordings or Live recordings?