Your inspiration: Starting as a small screen actor, I became an influencer by posting content without much thought. Surprisingly, my first reel on Ajith and Shalini’s “Unnodu Vazhatha” and my role in the web series “143” became a big hit, gaining me a lot of followers who admired my dressing and expressions. This made me realize my responsibility and motivated me to make a positive impact. Now, as an influencer, I strive to do as much good as possible. While acting on TV is entertainment and just a character, my influencing profile reflects my real-life vibe.

Your Motivation: My sole motivation is my mom. I stay updated every day, planning and creating content, but my mom plays a pivotal role in everything. She guides me, provides ideas, and suggests trends to improve. I must admit, she is more up-to-date with trends than I am (laughs). Sometimes I get bored and refrain from posting for 2 to 3 days. But, I eventually regain my spark and dive into making reels. We must constantly motivate ourselves and prove our worth to stay in the game.

Becoming an Influencer: Staying updated and in tune with the latest trends is the first step to becoming an influencer. Thorough groundwork and research are essential when working with brands. Dedication and perfection should be the driving forces behind everything we do. When shooting for brand endorsements, I devote an entire day to it, giving my best effort. The final product reflects our hard work. In my opinion, it’s akin to looking in a mirror—you reap what you sow.

Challenges: With the abundant amount of influencers in today’s time, to become successful and capture the audience’s attention, crafting a compelling content, delivering impactful speeches, and creating captivating videos becomes the most difficult tasks. The pressure intensifies when others have already explored similar territory, making the thinking process challenging. The notion of providing unique content that sets us apart becomes our greatest challenge.

Balancing authenticity and sponsored content: I decline brands or offers that would have a negative impact on me or my followers. I never promote products that are not appropriate to them. They follow me because they trust me, and I would never compromise that. Before proceeding with an offer, I thoroughly review it and sometimes provide my own suggestions. This is how the content comes together.

Future plans: I recently finished shooting the movie “PT Sir” and played the role of Hip Hop Aadhi’s sister. It’s a women-oriented film. I am also in discussions for other movies and serials. Currently, I am leading the show “Meenakshi Ponnunga”. The influencer industry is evolving positively, with artists becoming more creative and knowledgeable. Looking ahead, it will become increasingly competitive and challenging. Elevating our game is essential to keep up with the evolving landscape.