If you’re looking for an online platform for curated handicraft and handloom products at fair prices, then iTokri is the right place to be. It is the only platform that sells products in the name of its artisans (no other brand does this in India) giving these local artisans their due credit and recognition. iTokri is not a marketplace. They buy products from the artisans upfront and then sell on the platform, unlike other brands and platforms. In just a decade, Nitin and Jia Pamnani, its founders have successfully built a unique e-commerce setup that caters to over 2 lakh customers who believe in conscious fashion from across the globe, with whom they share a strong bond of love and commitment. The couple has been working silently to save the highly fragmented handicrafts and handloom industry from diminishing under the pressure of fast fashion. They have built a community of artisans from across India and are consistently trying to bring a change in the non-standardised processes of the crafts business.

A handwritten note on a piece of recycled paper and a handmade trinket is what one receives with every order, neatly wrapped in eco-friendly packaging from Gwalior-based iTokri, making it one of the most loved e-commerce portals to a discerning domestic and global audience who are enthusiastic about Indian handicraft and handloom products. The online store for handicraft, handlooms, fabrics, jewellery, paintings, and other artworks is India’s only crafts and loom retailer with a hundred percent inventory of handmade artisanal products ranging from Punjab’s phulkari dupattas and Gujarat’s bandhani sarees to Andhra’s ikkat handloom fabrics, and Odisha’s pattachitra paintings. It sources products, including jewellery, dress materials, and household items from nearly 10,000 artisans across India, making it the largest curated portal for art and handicraft products with over 100,000 listings. The portal adds 500 plus new products on a daily basis too.

iTokri founders Jia and Nitin Pamnani believe in taking away the burden of sale from artisans and allowing them to focus on what they are best at – their craft, however, ensuring that the artisan gets due credit for their craft by selling products under the creators/artisan’s name on the platform. For over a decade iTokri has been working relentlessly to save the highly fragmented non-standardised handicrafts and handloom industry from diminishing under the pressure of fast fashion by building a community of artisans from across India. The brand aspires to become a sustainable lifestyle brand by bringing the essence of India back to its people. Nitin Pamnani, Co-founder, iTokri states, “This festive season, handspun, pure handloom sarees will be high in demand. And to ensure that customers visiting iTokri get the best collection, we are showcasing some of the finest works of big and small artisans from across India. From Sufiyan Ismail Khatri to A.G. Govardhan, we offer a wide range of festive wear collections made by award-winning artisans.”

Furthermore, as a fair-trade organisation, iTokri assures product genuinity and price guarantee on all their products. Employing over 200 plus women directly and another 1000 indirectly, the organisation is a beacon of gender equality and women empowerment. Itokri employees comprise over 95% of women who come from financially disadvantaged sections of society. Over the decade, iTokri has been built on the foundation of transparency, authenticity, love, and commitment, becoming the voice of the handloom and handicrafts community, offering an unparalleled shopping experience to its customers.

– They feature 200+ products, across categories from handicrafts to handlooms on the site. No other site in India offers such a wide range across price segments.
– They have a customer base of more than 2 lakh people from across the globe
– They offer the best pricing in the segment
– They sell products under the name of their creator i.e. the artisan
– They send out personalised handwritten letters with every single order. This practice has helped create a strong bond with their customers.
– iTokri employs local talent, mostly girls and women from their neighborhood, giving them an opportunity to become independent.

Where: www.itokri.com