Flavour filled Asian tapas in a comfortable dining space is making Foo the top choice for dining out on weekends for most Bengalureans

ver since FOO made its entry into Bengaluru, it has quite piqued everyone’s interests and the city’s food lovers have been lining up to try this eatery that specialises in cuisine from the Far East. Mumbai’s popular Asian tapas restaurant FOO, run by the Tham Brothers – Ryan and Keenan, of Pebble Street Hospitality recently opened their first restaurant at Forum Rex Walk on Brigade Road and it’s been talk of the town ever since its launch.

Ambience: Expect a vibrant dining experience within a casual dining space. The vibe and interiors have been thoughtfully created in conjunction with Praxis Inc, based in Bengaluru. This 5500 sq ft restaurant is spread over 2 levels, with both options of outdoor, indoor and veranda dining options with a capacity for 120 seats. There’s also a 12-14 seater Private Dining Room for group dining with some privacy. The use of vibrant red tones, arched Asian roof tiles, pod seating arrangements, and plenty of foliage keeps the ambience casual yet rich. The name of this comfortable all-day dining space means ‘good luck’, ‘happiness’ or ‘fortune’ in Chinese. Foo brings all this and a lot more to the gourmands in the Ooru.

Food: The menu offers over a hundred Asian dishes, all in tapas format so one can experience a fabulous variety of dishes ranging from sushi, dim sum, Nikkei Peruvian ceviche’s and salads, to pan Asian small and big plates, all helmed by culinary master, Chef Eric Sifu. The Foo menu spans new age dishes like Hamachi Carpaccio, Smoked Duck Salad, Nikkei Avocado Uramaki & Truffle Lobster Dumplings, to the traditional well-known dishes like Foo Chilly Chicken, Tempuras, and the immensely popular Foo Blue Butter Japanese Fried Rice with Yellow Curry! There’s plenty of effort in the dessert section too and a must try is the Mount Foo-ji and the Black Marble Sesame Cheesecake! There’s also an innovative beverage menu with lovely cocktails and an array of beverages from the ‘Zero Alcohol Menu’ too.

Where: Ground Floor, Forum Rex Walk, Brigade Rd, Bengaluru.

Call: (+91) 9321707545 / 9321707546.

By Namita Gupta