Summer is synonymous with a good staycation. The excitement that starts with planning the trip and the thrill that comes with booking flight tickets to making reservations, counting down the days when you will finally be out from the routine and chilling by the beach.

It is that one time of the year when you look forward to taking a break from your same ol’ routine and escaping to places where there are beautiful ocean views for miles, watching gorgeous sunsets with a drink (or two, no judgements here!) in your hand and of course, dressing up in your Sunday best.

Did this paint a picture of you on your upcoming staycation or better yet, make you want to book your place for one?
If you caught yourself saying yes, we are here to help you have a fashionably amazing summer staycation.

Here are five of our favourite and essential fashion tips to slay on your well-deserved summer staycation –

1. Light colours and loose-fitting clothes
Remember this science lesson from school, Light colours reflect the sunlight and dark colours absorb it?
It’s true and this lesson should come into play while you’re shopping for clothes for your summer staycation.

If you are travelling to a tropical place, you are naturally going to be under the sun a lot more than you are usually used to. If you pick something that is darker, and body-fitting, you are going to be a sweaty mess. Yes, that outfit does look great on you but you need to keep in mind that it’s not the right fit for you in the heat.

Light coloured and loose-fitting clothes, on the other hand, are going to be your best buds. If you are someone who is worried about loose clothing not being flattering, there are plenty of chic options available. From boho maxi dresses to floral sundresses to rompers, you can look stylish and float with the wind (not literally of course.)
For the summer lovin’ vibes opt for fabrics like cotton, crotchet, linen and just about anything that makes you feel beautiful and ready to take on the summer.

2. A Good pair of Sunnies:
Sunglasses frame your face. It is essential that you pick the right frame size and style that compliments your face shape. You could go for frames that are retro or pick the chic modern ones if that’s your vibe. There are so many to choose from. Any good summer staycation is incomplete without a pair of stunning sunglasses as the perfect accessory to add the “oomph” factor to your outfit. Sunglasses also help you protect your eyes from the harmful UV light that might cause harm to your eyes in the long run. Oh, and another reason to get a pair of sunglasses?
They look amazing in pictures.
Sounds like a win-win situation to us!

3. Minimally neutral:
Summer is synonymous with being minimal. Minimal and neutral make-up is the way to go.

Imagine this, you spend a good time doing your make-up for the day and looking the best, you’re all set. It’s a sunny day and on the way, you end up sweating half of your makeup off. Doesn’t sound like an ideal scenario, right?

Nothing looks better than a highlight that glows from afar and the blush that makes you look rosy and sun-kissed. Say goodbye to heavy foundation and eyeliner. To get that sun-kissed glow, opt for BB Creams instead of foundation, a little bit of mascara, blush and liquid highlighter on the high points of your face. That’s it, you’re ready to go with a great makeup look that doesn’t take much time and looks beautiful.

4. Accessorise smartly:
Michael Kors once said, “Accessories are an exclamation point of any outfit.” Accessories are the one final touch that can make or break an outfit. Accessorising never goes out of style and it is important to do it right. From a simple pair of earrings to a statement bag, you can’t help but adore accessories.

Summer calls for jewellery that is dainty, cute and bright. Heavy statement pieces are a big no-no for a fun sunny day out. Pick pieces that are lightweight and in colour tones that compliment most of your outfits. This goes for both accessories and your bags.

Jewellery – Think of a pair of classic gold hoops or dainty beaded chokers. You can layer your jewellery in a way that compliments each other and does not clash. Find a good mix of jewellery that is fun, stylish and easy to mix and match with everything.

Bags- From micro bags to tote bags, there are just so many to choose from and all of them look oh so cute!

You can style your bags according to your outfits and the day you have planned. For instance, if it is a beach day, you can carry a chic, lightweight tote bag with all your essentials. And for a dinner date, you can have a classic sling bag.

From vintage-style baguette bags to chic jute bags, there are so many choices to choose from. Keep in mind that you carry pieces that go with almost all your outfits and they should not be heavy on your suitcase.

Scarves- Now whether you want to add some stylishness or functionality to your looks, scarf is the key.

And well who doesn’t have a bad hair day? So, whenever you’re dealing with bad hair days, don’t just sulk and miss out on the occasion, just scarf it up and look your best. Adding a scarf can also add some colour and pattern to a monochromatic outfit. A scarf around your neck, waist, or even around your bag often does the trick too.

5. Happy Feet:
A wise man once said, “A Good pair of shoes take you to good places.”
While you’re on a vacation, you are on your feet constantly. From exploring places to dance in the club to the journey from your room to the pool – your shoes are with you every step of the way, quite literally.

A pro tip for happy feet on vacation is investing in footwear that is comfortable, elegant and durable because the last thing you want on your staycation is walking around with a broken pair.

While packing for your vacation, break down your footwear into three categories. Have a comfy pair of sneakers for the days you are planning to explore the town and are going to be on your feet. A cute pair of flats to throw on that compliment your outfits and lastly a pair of Flip flops to throw on quickly while heading to the pool or just to give your feet a break.

And just like that, you are ready to pack your bags and slay on your summer staycation.

There is just one thing you should keep in mind. Wear what makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and enjoy to your heart’s content. You don’t have to be trendy to be stylish. Just go with the flow and have the best time on your well-earned break because you deserve it!

These were our favourite summer fashion tips. What are some fashion tips you swear by for your summer staycation?

– By Aditya Agarwal, Director of Cloth Haus