Krishna Shroff takes fitness as her career for a healthier lifestyle and encourages women to take up the sport for self-defence through her venture MMA and MFA (Matrix Fight Night). She is often spotted in her fitness centre working out like a beast. Krishna sets massive fitness goals for many women and keeps sharing her workout videos on her social media. Her passion for fitness is evident in her recent post as she aces barbell back squats like a pro. Krishna shares her love for fitness and more in an exclusive interview with Provoke magazine.

How did you choose fitness as your career?
I’ve always been one to follow my passion and pursue something I’m excited about every day. When I dwelled into fitness, it gave me newfound security and a sense of who I am very quickly. I began this journey for myself; however, seeing how I’ve been able to impact people’s lives and influence them through fitness has been one of the most empowering feelings in the world.

You are born into to family where fitness is an inevitable part of your life. Are there any days you feel lazy?
Oh, absolutely! Nobody’s perfect and everyone has their good days and bad days, but I promise you, nothing negative can ever come out of pushing yourself past that feeling and going and getting it done. Training has become my therapy, and no matter what’s going on in my life (good or bad), I forget it all in those two hours. It’s my heaven, so at the end of the day, I know it’ll always be worth the push.

When it comes to fitness, which is your motivation outside the family?
Outside my family, I really draw inspiration from the athletes I’m surrounded by. These guys and girls are signed to my MMA promotion, MFN. Seeing how far they’re able to push themselves both physically and mentally is extremely inspiring and I feel blessed to be a part of their journeys up close and personal. They do say you’re as good as the company that you keep.

Being a fitness enthusiast what is your best diet plan? There are so many diet plans out there. How can one choose what’s best for them?
This is an extremely individual thing because what may work for me may not necessarily work for someone else. Fitness, including your nutrition, is such a game of trial and error. You’ll experiment so much before finding what truly works for you. I personally believe in giving my body what it craves because, in my opinion, you can never look as good if you’re not feeling as good.

How did MMA start and what was the inspiration?
MMA and MFN began as a passion project between Tiger and me. We wanted to give back to the sport that gave us so much in the sense of discipline and drive. We wanted to provide better infrastructure and a bigger platform for our Indian athletes in order to take their skill sets to the next level and be introduced to the world. Along with that, we also wanted to help the youth of our country lead an overall better and healthier lifestyle and encourage women to take up the sport for self-defence.

Any message for all the women out there?
Embrace what makes you unique and know that you’re capable of anything you put your mind to… with effort and consistency, nothing is unattainable!

How was it being around your brother Tiger Shroff and father Jackie Shroff as fitness motivators?
People forget that my mom is definitely in this mix as well. She’s the one keeping up with me at the gym every single day, and I’ll be honest, there are not a lot of people who can do that. It’s not difficult to stay motivated being a part of the family I’m in. I’m extremely grateful and blessed to be surrounded by such powerhouses.

Who was the inspiration behind MFN?
Matrix Fight Night was conceptualised by me, Tiger, my mother, and our Director of Operations who is the Godfather of Indian MMA and the first ever professional Indian MMA fighter, Alan Fenandes.

How would you describe your dream man?
I love my man to be confident, loyal, ambitious, and honest. It’s as simple as that.

On this Women’s Day special edition which woman you would like to thank or say sorry to?
I would like to say both thank you and sorry to my mom. Thank you for everything she does for our family… We honestly couldn’t function without her. Sorry for ever being an a**hole to her because she never ever deserves it. She’s too kind and understanding of a mother to ever have been that way too.

What are your future plans?
Apart from MMA and MFN, there are a few other businesses I’m working to conceptualise and bring to life very soon if all goes well. I’m not a big future planner, but I believe in giving my 100% every single day in order to be that much closer to the end goal.