Renowned beauty and wellness professionals Bodycraft crossed an important milestone as they completed 25 years. Having served over six lakh unique customers until now, Bodycraft is aiming to double its retail portfolio and increase throughput between their clinical and salon business lines. The company is also considering franchise enquiries and would action those if viable. Bodycraft’s first franchisee outlet in Bengaluru opened at Sahakara Nagar recently. Having started as a single salon in 1997, Bodycraft today has 14 outlets, including 12 across Bengaluru and one each in Mumbai and Mangaluru. The company also has an integrated an online consultation process for clients to book appointments and shop online.

“Over the last 25 years, Bodycraft has quickly transitioned into a trusted destination for beauty and wellness, encompassing spa, salon, skincare and clinical service lines. Our focus has always been on outstanding hospitality, personalisation and a 360 degree solution to our clients’ every beauty and wellness need. We foster an environment to innovate and grow and create a safe space for our customers to indulge in self-care and wellness. Between our retail portfolio, salons, spas, and skin clinics we cater to one’s every beauty and wellness needs holistically. We currently employ around 550 employees and have a corporate strength of around 100. Our priority this year is to focus on growing our clinical business by 50% and to get the overall business levels back to pre-covid levels,” said Sahil Gupta, CEO, Bodycraft.

Among the gamut of health and beauty treatments that Bodycraft offers includes Mintree Detox Pedicure and Brillare Root Deep Treatment for the hair. Box The Tox mani-pedi kit is designed to help you get beautiful, healthy tips and toes. The kit contains detox bathe stick, cuticle conditioner, heal heel, tox out cleanse, reboot rub, detox mask, detox dollop, calming candle, detox foot patches and tea-tox. It cleans, soothes, lightens and brightens the skin on hands and feet. Key ingredients include Jojoba oil which provides a substantial long-acting layer of moisture, soothes sunburn and is also non-allergenic. Mango leaf extracts breaks down thick, calloused skin, revealing fresh feet from heel to toe. Ginger oil has anti-inflammatory and is full of antioxidants to combat the signs of ageing. Apple cider vinegar balances pH & fades pigmentation. Aloevera juice hydrates, clarifies and revitalises the skin. Soya butter hydrates and replenishes the skin while wheat germ oil helps soften damaged skin.

Root Deep has emerged as one of India’s leading Hair Loss treatment gaining the trust of more than 20,000 customers. Each product in their Root Deep range is scientifically designed to target a specific factor responsible for severe hair loss. Root Deep Hydroil Shock is a patented solution with powerful root recharging & follicle blockage clearing actives to reduce your hair fall in just 10 days and Root Deep Hydroil is a patented solution for preventing hair fall and regrow new hair. It is a patented solution to fight your hair fall, hair thinning, decreased hair density and clinically proven to increase hair density on 8 out of 10 people in 40 days. For the best results, it is recommended to use both of them consecutively. First, Root Deep Hydroil Shock for a swift hair fall reduction in a short period of 10 days and later Hydroil to improve your hair density in 40 days and prevent hair fall from coming back. Designed specially with active ingredients to fight hair loss and regrowth of new hair. Root Deep treatment works best with Root Deep Shampoo and Conditioner. Root Deep is India’s most advanced patented hair loss solution develop with the most powerful botanical actives to effectively reduce your severe hair loss.

“We are currently expanding our retail portfolio with new, home-grown brands such as Neemli and Aminu to cater to the varying skincare needs of our clientele. On the clinic front, we’re constantly upgrading our procedures and introducing new, cutting-edge clinical solutions. We recently launched a new hair fall rejuvenation service called QR678, a vegan formula that has been shown to be extremely effective in treating hair loss and general hair maintenance. ‘Evolve’ is one of our latest body contouring services that uses radiofrequency to trim, tighten and tone muscles. We are constantly upgrading and introducing more advanced products and services in the salon including skincare, personal grooming, and body care products. We are also expanding the footprint of the academy, providing vocational training to a larger group of aspiring aestheticians and stylists. We’re also pioneering the concept of a 360 beauty services- encompassing salon & spa services, clinical interventions, and retail products for at-home care,” Sahil Gupta added.

As part of their 25th Anniversary celebrations, Bodycraft Salon & Spa is offering come spin-the-wheel at any of their 13 outlets across Bengaluru. You stand a chance to win a free chemical peel, foot massage, haircuts and other exciting freebies. Additionally, Bodycraft Clinic is also offering 20% discount on a wide range of their signature services including, PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma, GFC- Growth Factor Concentrate and QR678. The offer ends on 31 Aug 2022.